Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sammy, Please Come Home!

Good Evening Daylily Friends,

Last night I was concerned about our cat "Sammy." Diana told me that there were two cats missing from their homes across the street, and that another little grey cat was found dead in the roadway. Diana went on to say that there were Cyotes in the neighborhood and that these were deadly for cats. Since we love Sammy so much I didn't want Sammy to be out late but Sammy has his own schedule. Last night I sat up and waited for that Cat to come home and I waited until about 2:00 a.m. Can you believe that I did this? Well Sammy came home, han an "after midnight snack," and then went to sleep. This morning he went out for a few minutes, came back in and had his breakfast, then went to sleep on Diana's side of the bed. We normally make the bed but this morning we couldn't disturb Sammy. We just love Sammy.

When I went out this morning I didn't expect to see much, but I was indeed surprised. One of the flowers that I noticed is a "dormant." It is a cross between the following parents: [(Crazy Ivan x Jelly Maker) x Crazy Ivan]. I had this seedling growing in the Greenhouse this past winter, but as I said, it is dormant. So, I took it and planted it outside. It may have bloomed earlier; I just do not remember. But this morning it bloomed, and what a beauty. A soft yellow self and a dark eye and a dark edge on its petals. I haven't given it a number but I will certainly watch it next year for correct measurements. Right now it is tall but with very little branching. Next year it should reveal its true identity. With some branching this will be an introduction.

I walked a little further and I saw a plant that initially grew in the Greenhouse during the winter of 2008. It was then planted outside. It is Seedling 8-105 and the cross is as follows: (Delta Blues x Tet. Out of the Blue). Surprisingly, it is 32" tall with 5-way branching. It has 26 buds and a 5" flower. The thing about daylilies is that there should be new plants that are different. When I look at brochures from other hybridizers I want to see something that is NEW. Not ordinary, but something new. Seedling 8-105, in my humble opinion, is new and different for several reasons. First, it incorporates Tet. Out of the Blue. Second, it is tall with 5-way branching. Third it has a very unusual eye. I am hoping that Seedling 8-105 will now multiply rapidly and perhaps I can use it in my hybridizing this coming winter.

When I reached the Greenhouse I was in for another surprise. I have a few daylilies left that I have not split or discarded. One daylily is Seedling 7-203. I had all but decided to send it to the "trash heap," but this morning it saved itself. I am showing a picture. It is a cross between the following two parents: (Diana's Evening Gown x Judy Farquhar). It is 7" in diameter. Just a glorious yellow. I went back and checked my notebook and found that I had not made any measurements. So, I have had it for two years but no measurements. Just a stunning, big yellow that has sadly been overlooked. I will plant it outside and let it go through the winter and see next spring whether it still looks like it did this morning.

After I looked at the blooms I then immediately went to planting seeds. I am about 1/2 of the way through the task. I need some more soil for my mixture, so, in the morning, I am going to pick up my friend David at 7:30 a.m., and we are going to drive about 45 minutes to Griffin Greenhouse and Nursery Supply off I-575. Then, we are coming back and I am going to get the remainder of the seeds planted.

At lunch today we went invited to go with our friends, Bob and Pat Snider to hear a "financial planner" speak about the economy. He was very bright and very interesting. Bob and I were pleased to hear his insight. Bob is a member of our Cobb County Daylily Society, and grows many good daylilies. This past summer Bob particularly liked DR. GERALD CORBITT.

Well, lets all hope that Sammy comes home tonight at a reasonable hour.



  1. hello Bill,
    Seedling 8-105 has a good eye color. Tet. out of the Blue looks like it has been very good for you.
    David Carter

  2. I fear that the coyotes might be silent killers, because we haven't heard them this summer, but we heard them more than ever this spring. I hope you find your cat. If you see a Ginger cat, please tell mr. arthur or me. It belongs to one of my neighbors.
    I like all your seedlings.
    Luke Van de Vate

  3. Oh never mind... you already did... should have read everything before i commented... Like the crazy ivan seedling.