Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WILD HAIR and BEST EDGE on "The Lily Auction."

Hello Daylily Friends,

Yesterday I told about the challenge that I have faced with my well. I am still tackling several issues with the well, but one of the issues is the cost of repair. This cost is thousands of dollars. Really, this is too much for a humble daylily gardener. So, I am offering plants for sale on The Lily Auction that I otherwise would not offer.

The first plant that I have offered is Matthew Kaskel's seedling that he calls BEST EDGE. Dan Trimmer used BEST EDGE to create SHAMROCK SPRING, SHAMROCK SUMMER, SHAMROCK DELIGHT, and PRISCILLA'S SMILE. BEST EDGE is also a parent in the immediate background of Dan's plants like JENNIFER TRIMMER, TROPICAL HOT FLASH and BLUE EYED ANGEL. Frank Smith also used BEST EDGE to create new introductions including ELVIS, ORCHIDS AND GOLD, and PATSY CLINE. I listed BEST EDGE on The Lily Auction in the section entitled "Future Introductions and Bloomed Daylily Seedlings." I posted in this section because BEST EDGE has never been introduced. It is not a new seedling. It is still a Kaskel seedling. I am showing a picture here of BEST EDGE and there is also a picture on The Lily Auction. The price that I am asking for a magnificent fan of BEST EDGE is $299.00.

The second daylily that I am offering on The Lily Auction is Joel Polston's 2008 introduction that is named WILD HAIR. When I first saw WILD HAIR bloom I knew that it was an important introduction. Important because it has B-I-G Teeth! Important because it is dormant. Important because it grows well in colder climates and can be crossed with other introductions with teeth such as RANDY STEPHENS, SPINEY SEA URCHIN, and MORT MORSS. WILD HAIR is 24 to 26 inches tall, it has good branching, about 20 to 25 buds, and a 5 1/2" flower. You can't make a mistake owning WILD HAIR. I have listed it in the section of The Lily Auction entitled "Newer Daylilies INTRODUCED 2006 or Later." I offered WILD HAIR for the price of $100.00, and I am herewith showing a picture.

I hope that several good daylily citizens will bid on these two plants that I have placed on The Lily Auction.



  1. Hello Bill,
    That wild Hair is a very nice flower, But i would like to be able to get RED SAPPHIRE when you start to sale your new intro's.
    Thanks David Carter

  2. So, you would choose RED SAPPHIRE over WILD HAIR? Why?

  3. Hi Titania,
    I'm so pleased that you are now a "member" of the Blog. It is good to have new friends who also love daylilies!

  4. Hello Bill,
    RED SAPPHIRE Has a darker color eye and edge, but still has the great teeth from your picture. It should help with get even darker color eyes with teeth.

  5. Bill,

    How did you aquire Kaskel's seedling Best Edge?

  6. hi bill good day ! nice post you have and about the wild hair its beautiful . i just wonder if it can grow in cold places or in any weather climate ?

    bill do you have a blog regarding garden accessories such as wind spinners im new to it and i don't have any ideas . can you help me . hope to hear from you thanks