Friday, October 16, 2009

David Kirchhoff and Lee Pickles Visit the Garden

Good Evening Daylily Friends,

Today was a good day at Kennesaw Mountain Daylily Gardens. Early this morning I took a drive to Griffin Greenhouse and Nursery Supplies. I purchased 5 bags of Sunshine PX3 Mix, 5 bags of Fafard Aged Pine Bark, and one 55 pound bag of Magnesium Sulfate, which is Epsom Salts. I was back at the house around 10:00 a.m. I needed these supplies because I am still preparing plants that will be used for hybridizing next spring. I also wanted to be home by 10:00 a.m. because I knew that my friends David Kirchhoff and Lee Pickles were coming to visit. Indeed, I was back in the Greenhouse when David and Lee arrived.

It was so good to see David and Lee, and especially David, because this was his first visit to our garden. They were on their way to speak to the Middle Georgia Hemerocallis Daylily Society. I was so excited to have David and Lee as guests that we spent hours talking in the Greenhouse. They they said they had to get going to Warner Robbins, Georgia. I immediately took my camera and took our picture where we had been sitting and talking. We talked about my 1,050 seedlings growing in the Greenhouse, about my conversion work that was on-going in the Greenhouse, we talked about the gardens in Kentucky, Tennessee and Florida, we talked about Clubs we had visited, and on and on and we just enjoyed our conversation.

I'm also pleased to report that while David and Lee were here, BEST EDGE bloomed. It was just gorgeous. I was so delighted that it bloomed so that at least there was one bloom to see. Sad to go to a daylily garden and see no bloom. We then went outside and walked through where the seedlings were planted. We looked at the 3-gallon dormants that are in pots that I put half-way into the ground. I will bring these back into the Greenhouse in January. We looked at the Barn and the Tractors and many of my garden tools. Finally, we came inside the house and looked at the first printing of my new 2010 Brochure. And, the morning was finished.

After David and Lee left I worked on some seedlings rows outside the Greenhouse, and then I potted many plants inside the Greenhouse. Soon, the day was finished. Just great having good daylily friends to visit and to work for the coming season.

See you again in a day or two.


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