Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It is Finished

Hello Daylily Friends,

It has been quite a journey. Making seeds in the spring. Collecting and refrigerating the seeds. Then, sorting the seeds, and deciding which seeds should be planted. With only a very few exceptions, all of the seeds were planted on or before August 8, 2009. The seeds grew, and about a month ago, David and I started to move the newly sprouted daylilies outside, and we planted them in rows that are five feet wide. I'm showing a picture of the last few rows that we planted. After the last two rows of outside daylilies were planted it started to rain again. I have to say that the transplanted daylilies look as if they have always been growing where they are now planted. There are approximately 2,200 new seedlings growing outside. Having finished with the outside work, it was time to turn again to the Greenhouse.

In the Greenhouse David and I planted seven rows. In each of the seven rows, there are six (6) lines of seedlings, and in each line, there are approximately of 25 daylilies. So, there are approximately 1,050 new seedlings growing in the Greenhouse. The seedlings in the Greenhouse should bloom by April or May, 2010. By contrast, the daylilies planted outside probably will not bloom for two years. There are many crosses where some are growing in the Greenhouse, and the same crosses are also growing outside. There is so much to look forward to: new seedlings using TET. ORANGE VELVET, crosses with new reds, with many purples, and with many other converted plants. Regrettably, we will have to wait five to six months to see the new seedlings. However, I know that we will see the new blooms, and so 2010 looks bright indeed.

Thanks to David for all of his help with getting the seedlings planted outside, and also for helping repot the seedlings in the Greenhouse into one-gallon containers. I'm sure that I could not have done the work without David's help. Thanks David! Tomorrow I have to go back to work in the Greenhouse to re-pot so many daylilies. Many are growing in one and two gallon pots, and all of these will have to be moved to larger, three gallon pots. Also, I am choosing more plants to convert. All of this takes considerable effort, so the work goes on. In the meantime Diana is working on our new Brochure for the Spring of 2010. It is looking good! I will let you know when it is finished.

That is all the news for today.



  1. Congratulations to the end of this work.
    Lovely photograph of two handsome, satisfied man
    Karin in Sweden //

  2. Hi Karin,
    It is certainly good to have the work completed! As for the seedlings that are planted outside, I believe that I am about 6 weeks ahead of the first frost. As for the seedlings in the Greenhouse, these will bloom in April and May, 2010. David and I are delighted that it is all finished. Today David is hunting deer at a preserve in South Georgia. Thanks so much for your comment.