Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas, 2009

Hello Daylily Friends,

As most of my daylily friends know, I practiced law before I retired. I decided that I wanted to do something other than practice law, and what I wanted to do more than anything was to grow daylilies, "full time." My law partner and my friend, James Wilson, has been so steadfast and close, and it is always a delight to see James and his lovely wife Margie. James and Margie have two sons. The eldest son is Brian who works in the television business with his uncle in South Georgia. The youngest son is Michael who is studying to be a Doctor. Well, Brian and Michael were home with James and Margie, and Michael brought his new friend, Vivian, who is also studying to be a Doctor. Well, the occasion was so special that I took our picture. I want you to see us all together at James and Margie's house on Christmas Eve. From left to right, myself, Michael, Vivian, Margie James, Brian and Diana.

As I look back over the past 24 hours the time has been just electric and exciting. After we came home from visiting with James and Margie and their family, Diana began to prepare a wonderful dinner. You may recall several posts back when I noted that Diana prepared the Porterhouse steaks and how well I liked them. Well, about a week ago we were at Costcos and Diana purchased several more Porterhouse steaks. She prepared these for our Christmas Eve dinner. Our daughter Kelley Rae and her husband Michael came over and we just enjoyed a wonderful dinner. I washed the dishes and off we went to our Church, which is the First United Methodist Church here in Marietta, Georgia. The service started at 7:30 p.m., and we were in our seats at the proper time. I wish I could have taken a picture when the Sanctuary was aglow with almost 1,000 lit candles while the congregation sang "Holy Night." I knew that I should not take a picture in our Church Sanctuary, but I had my camera at my side. Then, our friend Michelle began to play the violin. I went ahead and took a picture. My dear wife quickly objected! I put the camera away, but I had the picture. So, I took some risk in taking the picture, but it is here for you to see.

We came back home and exchanged gifts with each other. I received three shirts, a television remote control, candy, a Claxton fruit cake, and the joy of being with my family.

Today, Christmas day, I was up at 5:30 a.m. I immediately went to the Greenhouse to make sure that there would not be any watering of the daylilies. I then went down the driveway and picked up the morning papers. I came back and read the papers and soon Diana was up and moving. We had breakfast, I read over my e-mails and checked my website and my blog. Soon, Michael and Kelley arrived along with their little gray cat, Stinky. Diana prepared a ham for Christmas dinner. She boiled the ham: 1/2 of the ham was boiled for 30 minutes, then the other side of the ham was likewise boiled for 30 minutes. She then baked the ham for one hour. It was just delicious. Kelley's little cat Stinky was all over the house. Our cat Sammy did not particularly like Stinky, so Sammy stayed outside. After dinner we all went to the Greenhouse where I took our picture. The featured party in the picture is Stinky. Stinky ran all over the Greenhouse, hiding among the daylilies. Stinky is just the best little kitten and Kelley loves him so much! We came back from the Greenhouse and looked at video pictures of Kelley when she was at Youth Camp. So much fun. Soon, Michael and Kelley and Stinky went home and we regretted to see them go.

Diana and I then went across the street to visit David and Camilla. Camilla just prepared a fabulous feast. They had their three children and their friends and wives with them, along with four grandchildren. Just so much fun. Then Diana and I came home to rest. Christmas is a great day.



  1. Bill, your post showed up today on my Google Alert. I am glad to know that you and Diana are doing well and that your passion for Daylillies continues. Lena is a Master Gardener and will be pleased to know your ongoing love for gardening. I am happy that y'all are still active in Marietta First UMC. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Diana.

    Jamie Jenkins

  2. Hello Pastor Jenkins,
    I am so pleased to receive your message. I hope that there will not be any repercussions from my taking a "photograph" in Church. I know that this was inappropriate, but it does show my friend Michelle playing her magnificent violin. I love Church. It is important to us. I will be active in FUMC until the Lord calls me home. In the meantime I intend to keep growing the best daylilies that I can produce. It is really good to receive your message. I'm really looking forward to 2010!