Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dormant? What do you think?

Good Morning Daylily Friends,

This morning I went again to check Seedling 9-38, which is growing outside in the cold, cold weather. Already we have had many frosts and many nights when the temperature was below freezing. I have previously reported that I thought that Seedling 9-38 was Semi-evergreen. Well, I am now moving toward deciding that 9-38 is dormant. I am noticing that there are varying degrees of dormancy. Some dormants just turn completely yellow, and decline completely into the ground. Others do the same thing, but it just takes longer for the process to be completed. If Seedling 9-38 is dormant, then it becomes a much more interesting daylily. It already has a gorgeous color, some teeth, and that wonderful green edge. I am showing a picture of 9-38, the flower, and then a picture of 9-38 as it appears this morning. What do you think? From what you see is 9-38 a dormant or is it a semi-evergreen? I'm looking forward to your thoughts.

I am also showing a picture of 8-96, the flower, and then a picture of the foilage as it likewise appears this morning. I know for certain that 8-96 is dormant. I watched it all winter last year, so I know for certain that it is dormant. You can see from looking at the 8-96 foilage that it is all yellow, and that it has practically and almost completely receded into the ground. The degree of dormancy of 9-38, as compared to 8-96, is much more complete. But I think to myself, what difference would it make if both were dormant. More dormant, not as dormant but still dormant? What difference does it make? It would seem to me that both would survive just fine in the coldest of climates. Hope this additional information helps answer my question about the dormancy of 9-38.

Well, it is December 24, 2009, and it is Christmas Eve. Last night our good friends David and Camilla Arthur came over to visit. They brought us several wonderful gifts. One gift was "Smoked Salmon" that David cooked on his "Smoker." Oh is it delicious! Just an incredible flavor. I cannot stop snacking on this delightful treat. Another gift was "Muscadine Jelly" that Camilla made this past Summer. In my post on September 16, 2009, I noted that Camilla was picking the Muscadines from behind the Greenhouse. I then openly mused in my post, the following statement: "Maybe Diana and I will be able to try Camilla's Jelly." Well, Camilla remembered the post and presented us with a jar of her Muscadine Jelly. She also gave us a loaf of cake to use to taste the Jelly. Just such wonderful surprises. It is good to have the Arthurs as friends!!!

Again, I'm looking forward to your thoughts as to whether Seedling 9-38 is dormant.


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