Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Cobb County Daylily Society

Hello Daylily Friends:

Over the past three years our Cobb County Daylily Society has met at several restaurants for a Christmas dinner together. All of our Christmas dinners were delightful, and were enjoyed by all of our members. However, we noticed that we did not get to talk to each other as much as we would have liked. We would sit next to each other, but with 40 to 60 members present, we could not communicate as much as we would have liked. So, we received a tremendous suggestion from Jack and Cynthia Rigsby. Cynthia is our Hospitality Chairman, and Jack is our Treasurer. Jack and Cynthia volunteered to have our Christmas dinner at their home. A fabulous suggestion! Although our Club has been in existence only five years, we now have a treasury with funds totaling over $5,000.00. What better way to be close to each other, to move about freely, to talk, and to enjoy each others' fellowship. So, our Club officers decided to spend part of the funds in our treasury to pay for our Christmas dinner. You can see several of our members arriving at Jack and Cynthia's home.

In the first picture above, from left to right, are Doris and David Bishop, and Jim Clements. In the second picture above, from left to right, are Camilla Arthur, Deborah Pitts, and Sharon Box.

Well the preparations that Jack and Cynthia made for our dinner were just tremendous. They teamed with Diana Waldrop and Camilla Arthur and just made a gourmet spread. We had large shrimp, filet mignon, and wonderful ham. There was fruit, there was coconut cake, there were treats with caramel, pecan, and small pretzels. There was wassel to drink, and many other additonal choices. I'm showing a picture of Cynthia at one of the serving tables. To Cynthia's right is our new member, Katie Lou Greene. I'm particularly pleased that Katie Lou is a member because in high school, over 46-48 years ago, I was close friends with her brother Luke Williams. Luke now operates a stone business where he sells gravel, slate and anything else that has to do with stone work. Again, it is a small world to now have Luke's sister as a daylily friend. I'm also showing a picture of our friend, Gene McCord, as he prepares to simple the shrimp. Gene knows how to choose the best in an ultimate cuisine. In the background, to Gene's left, is Carolyn Herndon.

We all just gathered and talked about our past year, and the fun we had in growing God's most beautiful creation, the daylily. There is no club in all of Cobb County, Georgia, that it is better to be a member of than the Daylily Society. Not the Purple-Hat-Club, or the Blue-Hat-Club, or even the Red-Hat-Club. As I say, the best club is the club that is all about beautifying the county, the country and the world. When we had our Joint Flower Show with the Greater Atlanta Daylily Society at the Galleria Mall in June, we had 496 entries. Three more entries and we would have had more entries than any other club anywhere in the United States. In 2010 I'm sure that we will have more entries than any other Club. We also talked about John Kinnebrew's program. We know John because he came to speak to our Club in February, 2009. We also talked about Nicole Harry's program. We know Nicole because she came to speak to our Club in September, 2009. We even talked about our AHS National Convention that will take place in Valdosta, Georgia, in 2010. I'm showing several of our members as they discussed these wonderful topics.

I should also note that we had two new members to attend our Christmas dinner. The first new member is Lynn Rose Padfield, and the second new member is Henry Bogatay. Lynn and Henry have different last names, but they are husband and wife. They were invited to our club by our long time member, Ms. Eileen Simms. I'm showing a picture of Lynn and Henry standing in front of the Christmas tree.

We had over 40 of our members present for our Christmas dinner, and although we had planned to be together from about 4:00 p.m. until about 6:00 p.m., we actually stayed at Jack and Cynthia's home until about 8:00 p.m. Thanks Jack and Cynthia for your wonderful hospitality.

The end of 2009 has come, and we celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ who is God's gift to us from his unending stream of pure love. Merry Christmas to all!



  1. Merry Christmas and a peaceful holiday to you.
    Karin //

  2. Hi Karin,
    Thanks for your note and also HAPPY NEW YEAR! Only a few more days and it starts all over again. I am so excited.