Friday, December 18, 2009

Travelling with Larry

Hello Daylily Friends,

I talked to my good friend Larry Grace, and Larry suggested that we go to Rollingwood Garden, which is the garden of Jeff and Elizabeth Salter in Gainesville, Florida. Jeff and Elizabeth have put their 2010 introductions out for sale, and their plants are so delightful. Larry and I could not resist; we just had to have those Salter daylilies. I'm showing a picture of Elizabeth selecting the pots that Larry and I were purchasing. I'm also showing a picture of Larry, Elizabeth, Jeff and myself after all of the newly purchased daylilies were placed in Larry's truck. I must also say that this past week I came across a booklet published by Jeff and Elizabeth back in 2002. The primary introduction was MORT MORSS which is still in significant demand here in 2009. Another introduction was Elizabeth's OUT OF THE BLUE. Confidentially, I have seen flowers created using TET. OUT OF THE BLUE and they are just incredible! Elizabeth and Jeff are both so talented. After leaving Rollingwood Garden Larry and I headed to Ted Petit's garden which is known as Le Petit Jardin.

At Ted's we were so pleased to walk through his greenhouse where he has over 7,000 seedlings growing at "Sunshine-Speed," which is daylily talk for very fast growth. Ted told us that he used a new soil called "Jungle Growth" for his new seedlings. All of the seedlings were first grown in 3-inch peat pots. Then the Jungle Growth soil was placed in the Greenhouse. Next, the soil was covered with a mesh cloth. There are seven rows in each section, and each of the seven rows are one foot apart. Ted uses "Snapshot" to control the emergence of weeds, and he fertilizes with Neutracote. Larry and I had the unique opportunity to see a number of Ted's future seedlings. I also decided that I must aditionally have Ted's 2010 RUFFLES HAVE RIPPLES. This new seedling is very important because it also has "circular rings" along with a wonderful, matching double/triple edge. Ted is truly a great hybridizer!

Larry and I were privileged to have stayed the night with Ted and Susan at their home close to their garden. We all went to dinner together, talked about daylilies, and had a wonderful evening. I was very, very tired so I went to bed first, but Ted and Larry talked about daylilies until close to midnight. Promptly at 5:45 a.m. Larry and I left Ted's headed toward Larry's house.

At Larry's Graceland Gardens I was especially privileged to see Larry's 2010 Spring Introductions. They were all so large, and growing so well in three-gallon buckets. Larry's new introductions can be found by looking at his website which is as follows: I particularly like BUT NOW I SEE which has Tet. Blue Oasis as a parent. To my knowledge, this is the first introduction where Tet. Blue Oasis has been used as a parent. I also like TREASURE THAT I SEEK, which uses Jelly Maker as a parent. Obviously, Jelly maker made TREASURE THAT I SEEK have have more branches and even more buds. I also like LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN. It has Larry's ANGELS GATHER AROUND as a parent, and the other parent is one of my seedlings. The "green-edge" on LITTLE PIECE OF HEAVEN comes from Larry's ANGELS GATHER AROUND. Anyone would also enjoy Larry's BRIAR PATCH. Those "teeth" are just delightful on such a lovely, dark colored daylily. Indeed, I like all of Larry's introductions, and it is my understanding that they are being well-received by the "daylily-world."

It was just wonderful to take a daylily vacation to Alabama and Florida, see daylily friends, add new daylilies to my collection, and be even better prepared for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, our Cobb County Daylily Society will have its "Christmas-Festival" at the home of Jack and Cynthia Rigsby this coming Sunday, on December 20, 2009. The fun begins at 4:00 p.m., and will continue until all daylily conversation is concluded, and all of the delightful appetizers are devoured! It is indeed "fun" to be a member of our local club. I'll make another post after we have enjoyed our Christmas-Festival!



  1. You and Larry took a roadtrip to daylily heaven when you visited Rollingwood and Le Petit Jardin. Jeff's Caribbean Sunset looks great on his website, but it's even better in person. It has a nuanced color that's difficult to capture with a camera. It's garden name was BIG STEVE.
    But I have to say, even though I've been to Ted's and walked through his greenhouse, I still can't figure out how he lines out his seedlings using the weedmat. It seems really labor-intensive. Still, given the quality of seedlings I saw growing there last spring, it really works.

  2. Hi Carey,
    I know CARIBBEAN SUNSET. A real beauty. Although our Florida/Alabama visit was just over two days, it was definitely delightful. Larry not only bought daylilies for himself, he also bought several for several friends. I agree that Ted's method is "labor intensive." I like my own method better, but seeing Ted's results would make anyone want to adopt Ted's approach. When Larry and I watched Ted's slides he had two that just captured my imagination. I will tell you the names: One is DOCK OF THE BAY, and the other is COBALT RINGS. Merry Christmas to you and to our Arkansas Daylily friends! I still remember that incredible Porterhouse steak.

  3. Hi, Bill
    Just had to check your blog...for a 'daylily fix'....sounds like a dream trip you took!
    Your Irish Halo and Emerald Lace are looking beautiful here....can't wait to see their blooms!
    Linda Hassler

  4. Hi Linda,
    I am so glad to have your message that IRISH HALO and EMERALD LACE are doing well. I have sold both plants to many friends across the country, and I know that these two beauties will grow well in the most difficult of climates, and also where the climates are warm or even hot. The green edges are a real treat to see! You will not be disappointed, and I'm looking forward to your message after you see the blooms in June.
    Merry Christmas!