Thursday, December 10, 2009

Three Nominations for the AHS Honorable Mention Award

Good Morning Daylily Friends,

For the first time I have entered three of my previous introductions as candidates for the AHS Honorable Mention Award. It was a simple process. I first went to the AHS website, which is "," and then I selected "Awards and Honors." Under Awards and Honors I selected "2009 Hybridizer's Nomination Letter," and then downloaded the necessary pdf form. I then filled out the form and mailed it to Ms. Julie Covington, AHS Awards and Honors Chair, 4909 Labradore Drive, Roanoke, Virginia 24012-8537. I am showing the envelope that I mailed to Julie.

My first entry was DIANA'S PINK GOWN which was introduced back in 2004. It is a cross between the following parents: (Ed Brown x Pearl Harbor). It is 28" tall, it has 5 1/2" flowers, it has four-way branching, and about 20 buds. It has been bought by many friends who have visited the garden. Indeed, one purchaser from a nursery in Alabama bought over 40 fans. It is one of the parents to DIANA'S EVENING GOWN which is a big 7" dormant daylily. It costs nothing to make the entry, and it may have some success. There is no harm in making the effort.

My next extry was PASTOR LAURIE ANN MOELLER which was introduced back in 2004. It is a cross between [Moon Over Monteray x (Ed Brown x Tet. Dena Marie)]. It is 29" tall, it has a 7" flower, it has 3-way branching, 20 buds, and it is registered as a semi-evergreen but I now believe that it is a dormant. The flower is a cinnamon peach blend with a ruffled gold edge. I introduced it back when I did not prepare a brochure, and to my surprise it has gained recognition in a number of gardens. The blooms always look the same, and are just beautiful. It is grown in many gardens including those of Cristy Dixon, Ron and Pat Bonner, and Don and Nancy Eller. During this past daylily season Cristy even said that it was a "workhorse" as a parent in her garden. It will require 20 votes from at least four different regions to qualify. Pastor Moeller's distribution may now be such that it will receive enough votes in the required number of regions. I am posting a picture of the daylily, PASTOR LAURIE ANN MOELLER, and I am also posting a picture that shows the real Pastor Moeller.

My third entry was KENNESAW MOUNTAIN HAYRIDE. It was inroduced in 2007, and there is still considerable demand for this daylily both from my own garden and from the Lily Auction as well. It is 27" tall, it has a 6" flower, 3 way-branching, 17 buds, and it is a coral-pink and cream polychrome with a stunning gold edge. It is a fragrant semi-evergreen. When it was first introduced I even sold 6 plants to one person! I am showing a picture. Hopefully it likewise will receive the requisite 20 votes in four separate regions.

I will just wait and see if my daylilies can collect the approval of my daylily friends.



  1. Hello, Bill! Just stumbled onto your blog today and Im glad I did...Great photos and information. Congrats on your AM an AHS Garden Judge, I'll keep my eyes out for them here in Region 2!
    Nikki Schmith
    AHS Region 2 President and daylily fan

  2. Hi Nikki,
    I'm glad you have found our blog. We like to frequently post about events in the garden. As for your region, Region 2, I'm sure that my friend Jamie Gossard is growing KENNESAW MOUNTAIN HAYRIDE. He may also have PASTOR LAURIE ANN MOELLER.
    Also, congratulations on being President of Region 2. I know that this is an important responsibility!

  3. Hi Again Nikki,
    I remember your very outstanding power point presentation at the Mid Winter Symposium. It was tremendous. There is so much more that I would like to know. The reasons I'm posting this note is that I am so delighted that you have decided to follow the blog. It will be fun to have you read the posts. Daylilies are so much fun that I sometimes feel sad for others who do not adore the beauty of this incredible flower. Again, so pleased that you will be following the blog.

  4. I just received a copy of Memory Jordan's price list for 2010 and to my surprise she lists PASTOR LAURIE MOELLER on her general listing! I quickly ordered one, so I will have it in my Michigan garden this year. Surely a good place to test its dormancy and response to cold Zone 5 winters.