Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Great Week-end in Chattanooga

Hello Daylily Friends,

Well Diana and I and Camilla and David had a splendid time with Lee Pickles and so many daylily friends from across the country. Saturday morning we were delighted to wake-up and see snow everywhere. It seems to me that it was a little early for snow in Chattanooga, but hey, it seemed like Christmas had arrived. I went out to the car and I was a few moments late, and Diana, Camilla and David were heaving snow balls at me. Christmas had arrived but there was no "peace" with all of the beautiful snow. We went inside and our friend Lee Pickles began to show slides from hybridizers from Minnesota to Ohio to California to Florida. I took a picture of our friend Dan Bachman showing one of his spiders. I like spiders but I can't seem to achieve the correct measurements. Another show that was very good came from Bob Faulkner. He had daylilies with so many intricate designs. I always like the Duck man and his lovely wife Nancy. Indeed I am buying one of Nancy's introductions. It is DEFYING SERENITY. It is a lovely evergreen double that has TET. AMANDA'S LITTLE RED SHOES as a parent. After our wonderful week-end we headed back home just in time to see Georgia Tech win the ACC Conference Championship.

Lee did an outstanding job in arranging the Chattanooga show, and he did it completely by himself at no cost to anyone. It is amazing what a "leader" can do in the world of daylilies. I am reasonably sure that there were about 80 people in attendance. We enjoyed seeing each other's daylilies and seeing where progress is being made. I liked some of Polston's newer shark-teeth seedlings. The color is becoming even stronger and he is to be congratulated for his work.

Tomorrow I will write about entering some of my flowers into the AHS Awards and Honors Nominations for 2010.


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