Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Waxen Splendor; Plant Three (3) Update

Good Evening Daylily Friends,

I spent the entire day in the Greenhouse working on my plants. I potted many into larger pots, and I cut away bad foilage that developed from the long period of freezing nights that we experienced. I also paid close attention to WAXEN SPLENDOR, Plant Three (3), that I am trying to convert. I have continued to pay close attention to Plant 3, and so I particularly hope that I am successful in converting this plant. Back on December 17, 2009, I decided that Plant 3 needed some trimming. So, I cut Plant 3 back to just a few pieces of foilage. I did this to try to keep any disease from developing. After I cut back Plant 3, I then applied powder to the plant to further try to prevent any disease. Just a tenuous exercise. So far, so good.

Then, today, January 27, 2010, I again paid close attention to Plant 3. It has recovered very nicely from the cutting that I did back on December 17, 2009. The plant has no disease, and it appears to be very healthy. I believe that the cutting and the application of powder to prevent disease has been beneficial. I would also note that I have watered the plant periodically since it was initally placed on the top of the Greenhouse coolant tank. The dates of the watering I have recorded on the plant marker. The watering schedule is eradic, and has depended on the weather conditions and on the needs of the plant. Again, as I have noted earlier, I water only around the edge of the pot and I never allow water to touch the growing plant. It is encouraging to be this far along with Plant 3. I feel confident that just a few more weeks and all will be well for a good conversion effort.

I hope that seeing this progress with WAXEN SPLENDOR, Plant 3, is helpful. I may eventually write an article about this conversion work. Maybe I will do this after Plant 3 produces pollen and I can see that the pollen is fertile.


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  1. What a great time at the Winter Symposium. It was my first - but not my last!!!