Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm Tired of Winter; Seedling 8-201

Hello Daylily Friends,

Well I must say that winter has taken its toll, and I am more than ready for spring to arrive. I've seen enough of the freezes, I've seen snow, I'm tired of my garden just sitting there and sleeping. I want to see growth, and I want to see it now. Well, although I'm complaining, I know that what I want and what I will get will just be two different things. I know that I will have to wait, and I suppose that is just all that there is to say on the subject. I can tell you one item of good news. I was looking back at some of my seedling pictures from 2008, and I noticed one seedling that I labeled 8-201. The cross is as follows: (Diana's Evening Gown x Judy Farquhar). I have it recorded as being 28" tall, and with 3-way branching. I also recorded 20 buds, and a seven-inch (7") flower. It is just a big, gorgeous, yellow beauty. It is not often that a yellow of this size and beauty is produced. I checked and found where I have Seedling 8-201 growing in the garden, and I am reasonably certain that I will be able to introduce it in 2011. Most interesting is that it is a dormant. It has considerably reduced in size, went almost all the way under, and then started growing the past 10 days since the weather has been so nice. I'm showing a picture of Seedling 8-201 as well as a picture of where it is growing in the garden.

I thought that on this cold winter day that you might like to see Seedling 8-201. It will be a dream daylily, and should grow just about anywhere. The dormancy from DIANA'S EVENING GOWN really gives power to 8-201. A long winter's rest, and Seedling 8-201 will soon be showing off its tremendous, seven-inch blooms.

I might also add that I have found it difficult to produce a good seedling using JUDY FARQUHAR as a parent. So, Seedling 8-201 is therefore an exceptional seedling. I would also note that JUDY FARQUHAR is an evergreen, and is 34" tall. In my humble opinion, JUDY's main attribute is its height. I would also note that JUDY is registered as having a 7 1/2" flower. DIANA'S EVENING GOWN has a 7" flower, and is dormant. Obviously the dormancy of DIANA'S EVENING GOWN dominated in the cross.

Would you agree that Seedling 8-201 is an introduction?

When I went inside the Greenhouse this afternoon I checked on my dormant plants that I intend to convert in a few weeks. One plant has a shoot growing out from underneath the main scape. I'm showing a picture. This new growth cannot be allowed. If I allowed this new growth, and then treated the main plant, the growth would go to the shoot, and the main plant, after treatment with colchicine, would surely die. I have seen this pattern repeated over and over. So, I took my knife and went and cut out the shoot. Normally seeing a shoot is a good thing because there is plant multiplication. However, if there is a plan to treat the plant so as to have it converted, then, the shoot has to go. I also showing a picture of the plant with the shoot removed.

Well that is the news for today from the Kennesaw Mountain Daylily Garden.



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