Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Ideas

Hello Daylily Friends,

Today I was preparing to change my website, and so I was looking at some of my many pictures that I have stored on PICASA. One of the pictures that I noticed was of a daylily that I selected in 2008, and that I now call Seedling 8-243. My pictures of Seedling 8-243 were taken outside because the plant bloomed outside. The outside measurements were impressive: 32" tall with 3-way branching, 7 1/2" flower, and 19 buds. In fact, the numbers were so impressive that I took the daylily from the outside garden, and in the 2009 season, I grew it in the Greenhouse. In the Greenhouse Seedling 8-243 was significantly different in its measurements. Specifically, it had 7-way branching and 52 buds. Something similar to what you might expect to see in Stamile's garden. From what I have personally seen, it appears to me that the cold weather makes a big difference in the performance of a daylily. The same daylily can be grown in a cold climate, but it will not do as well as it would in a warmer climate. I realize that there are extremes, such as taking a dormant plant to Miami, and expecting it to perform as it would in North Georgia. Still, in my humble opinion, the climate makes a big difference in what a plant will do in terms of branching and bud count. I'm showing three pictures. The first picture shows 8-243 in all of its glory, and the second picture shows a ruler laid over 8-243 verifying the flower size of 7 1/2".

The third picture, shown here, is Seedling 8-243 growing in my outside garden. I thought that everyone might find this picture to be interesting. In my opinion, Seedling 8-243 is a semi-evergreen, leaning toward evergreen status. It has not been harmed by the winter, and it looks very healthy. Many growers and hybridizers have varied opinions as to what constitutes a dormant, a semi-evergreen, or an evergreen. I think a reasonable decision has to do with experience, and personally seeing how a plant performs over several years. A daylily like Seedling 8-243 will be hard to beat when it is ultimately introduced. It is one that I really like.


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  1. This one is dreamy. The size is awesome and the detailed texture looks very distinct. Hope to see it this summer while in Georgia for the National...Ill be doing lots of driving about the state before and after the convention!