Friday, February 12, 2010

Sammy Doesn't Like the Snow!

Good Afternoon Daylily Friends,

I watched the news reports last night on television, and as you may know, the reports were that we would have snow this morning here in Cobb County. Then, the same reports were again on the TV this morning. I looked outside, but alas, there was no snow. So, I took my cup of coffee and walked through the garden, and eventually, took a rest in my hammock. I sat in my hammock and waited. However, there was no snow anywhere on the horizon. I continued to drink my coffee, and waited. I finally gave up and went to work in the Greenhouse. I took some of my seedlings that are dormants and moved them from one gallon containers to two-gallon containers. I did this with twelve plants. I will likely move others, but I started with the twelve. I then went back outside, and behold, it was snowing. I walked back over to where I had been in my hammock, and took another picture. Snow is nice.

I again started to walk around the garden, and I took one picture of the seedling area where I have my garden sign posted. The temperature is only around 32 degrees, so it isn't very cold. Nevertheless, the snow obviously sticks to the trees and the grass and covers my fields. I took a second picture where I have seedlings growing that I showed on this Blog back in September, 2009. All of the ground is white but you can still see the tops of the seedlings. You can also see the cages for Diana's tomatoes. Oh how a good, ripe tomato would be here in the middle of winter. I started to become a bit concerned because the snow just kept falling. So, I went back to my house.

Once inside I saw that my cat Sammy had awaken from his daily nap. He stretched, walked slowly to the door, and Diana promptly opened the door. Sammy is usually ready for his late afternoon outside stroll, but instead, he immediately stopped in the doorway, and then backed up. He wasn't really familiar with snow, and he knew that it wasn't something that he wanted to walk through with his furry paws. So, Diana closed the door and there Sammy has been sitting. He wants to go outside, but he doesn't like the snow.

More news later.


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