Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow is Beautiful

Good Morning Daylily Friends,

Last night Diana and I were privileged to have been asked to go across the street to the home of our friends, David and Camilla Arthur. David had worked most of the afternoon preparing his home cooked Chili. David prepared his Chili using both deer meat and beef, with plenty of beans and tomatoes, along with a generous helping of "Redneck Pepper." On the package it reads, "Warning: Not for Sissies." I can attest that, indeed, it is not for sissies. David's chili was great! Diana and I both had two bowls. We then played bridge. Although David and I did our best, the evening was not a success for our team. Around 6:00 p.m., just as we were leaving, I took Diana's picture with her standing behind her prized Japanese Maple.

This morning I went outside to look around, and I was delighted to see our house so heavily covered with snow. Overnight everything froze, and our house looked like it might have been in a scene in the movie about Dr. Zhivago. I may just use the picture that I took on next year's Christmas card. Then I walked behind the house to look at the garden that surrounds our bridge. Everything was white. The trees were beautiful. Genuinely a place of winter peace. The little yellow breasted "Finch" birds were feeding behind the porch. They were feasting on the seed that I placed there just for them. I also saw "deer tracks" around the back of our house. So, the deer were on the move notwithstanding the winter snow storm. I'm pleased that the deer were moving, I just wish they would move somewhere else.

The scenes in the garden were just so fresh and wonderful. I looked over the seedling beds and and over my garden lawns, and I thought about the stunning changes that would happen in just a few weeks ahead. Regardless of what General Lee said about our "early spring," I see no signs yet that it has actually happened in Cobb County, Georgia. My feet started to get cold because I was not wearing shoes suited for the winter. So, I came into the house. Diana had prepared two boiled eggs, two bagels, cantelope, orange juice and coffee. I really enjoyed this early morning breakfast treat. How could things be any better. Beautiful snow scenes all around our property, and a wonderful breakfast!

After breakfast I headed to the Greenhouse. I walked in, and what a surprise: everything was a beautiful green just like it will eventually be outside in late April and early May. It looked as if there could not possibly have been a winter snow storm. It looked like General Lee was indeed correct. But then, "everything is perfect in the Greenhouse!" What a treat. I decided to take my own picture, and here it is.



  1. Hi Lanny,
    I am so thrilled that you are following the blog. This is such good news. I am delighted when others follow my "garden reports." So, how does our north Georgia snow compare to Canadian snow?

  2. Bill,
    I really do enjoy your posts. I do disagree with you, however, I think the picture with the bridge would make a better Christmas Card. We did not have much snow this time, but maybe tonight, no one knows. We are trying to get out of here Wednesday to head for California. Problem is, the dogs have to go to the kennel and it is on top of signal Mountain.

  3. Hi Lee,
    I wrote you a note on your Blog that I am so delighted with your site. Well done indeed! So many pictures. Such good information about you and Jean. As for my Blog, I am about to begin posting about conversions. I think I will mix the chemical first, and show how this is done. The bridge? Good point. Signal Mountain? Diana and Marlee tried to get to the top of signal mountain, and were successful, but Diana says it took considerable effort. I would think this awful weather would make your mountain a very difficult terrain. Hope you have a great trip to California. When you return we will be so, so close to spring. I am tired of waiting; I want spring here today.