Monday, February 15, 2010

Mixing Colchicine

Good Morning Daylily Friends,

Well it is time to get started on trying to convert some of my dormant diploids. I have a "one gram" container of Colchicine that I have kept in the refrigerator in my barn. So, I am going to mix this Colchicine with "distilled water." There is no point in trying to use a substitute for distilled water because distilled water is cheap, and its importance is real. There are no contaminants in the distilled water. Actually, I do have some distilled water in my refrigerator, but it hasn't been used since this past summer. I just didn't want to take a chance on using the older container of distilled water, so I went to the drug store and purchased a new, one gallon container. I also obtained a 400 milliliter botter from the same drug store. What we specifically want to do is mix the one gram of Coltricine with 400 milliliters of distilled water. I am showing a picture of the Colchicine in its sealed container, and I'm also showing the distilled water and the 400 milliliter bottle.

I put on my thin "doctor gloves" before I opened the little container of Colchicine. You must be very careful in working with Colchicine. It is highly toxic if it is inhaled or swallowed. Indeed, there is a "skull and cross bones" on the container. Be careful when using this chemical! Do not take any risks.

I filled the 400 milliliter bottle about 1/2 full with the distilled water. I then carefully opened the container of Colchicine. Unfortunately, a very, very small amount of the Colchicine was lost when I opened the container. I was ready for this problem. I had tissues nearby, and I used these to immediately clean up this little spillage. I then took the container and poured it into the 400 milliliter bottle. I also had some spillage on the top of the bottle. Again, a mistake that can happen, but again, I was ready. I touched nothing. I simply poured a small amount of distilled water into the Colchicine container, I put the cap back on the container, shook the container, then poured the mixture into the 400 milliliter bottle. I then took my tissue and cleaned the top of the 400 milliliter bottle, then put the cap on the bottle, and shook the bottle to make certain the Colchicine and the distilled water were properly mixed. I took a picture when I putting the Colchicine into the 400 milliliter bottle, and I took a picture of the bottle after the mixing was complete.

I would encourage everyone that is interested in conversion work to look back at my posts from January 23, 2009, and February 4, 2009. These posts will also be helpful to consider as I move ahead with my conversion work.



  1. Very interesting to see and hear how this is done!...where did you obtain your colchicine from?

    Some day I would be interested in trying this on a few of my dips as well (prairie blue eyes, night beacon, radiant greetings, lady neva, neal berrey).

  2. Hello Anonymous!
    I would have answered earlier today, but I couldn't find my file. I now have it. I ordered my Colchicine from Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, 2030 Spruce Street, St. Louis, Missouri 63178. You should know that Colchicine is a "restricted chemical." You will have to qualify to be able to purchase the product. Good luck.

  3. Hi Jennie,
    I am so pleased that you are a team member to this site. It is particularly pleasing to have you as a member since you are from England. Your Bob Selman daylilies on your web site are very nice. I like LOUISE LEMLY. I just like lavenders. Again, I'm glad that you love daylilies and that you are our new friend.