Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Busy, Busy: Spring has Arrived!

Hello Daylily Friends,

As you may recall from my previous post, I was visiting the Suwannee Valley Daylily Society this past Sunday in Lake City, Florida. On Sunday evening my friends Mick Morry from Canada, Jamie Gossard from Ohio, and John Peat from Canada/Florida, came to visit my garden. John's mission was to not only visit the garden, but to carry a number of daylilies from here to Canada. I am priviledged to be able to speak at the Canadian-American Daylily Conference this coming week-end, and most of the daylilies are to be sold at the auction. Several other daylilies were for individual orders, including an order from Mick and his wife, and his mother Lanny. I'm showing a picture of Mick, Jamie and John in the Greenhouse. What do you think of the University of Georgia hat that Mick is wearing? Do you see Buzz the Georgia Tech yellow jacket flying just above Mick's head? Mick reports having been bitten by Buzz!

Well, this past winter here in north Georgia has been the third coldest winter in recorded Georgia weather history. In the past 15 years I have never had any freezing problems with my water system. However, this past winter one of my pumps froze and busted. Well, any ordinary pump wouldn't perhaps be a problem, but to replace my pump costs $1,500.00. Fortunately, my good friend Dave Ward is here today to replace my pump. I like Dave's work because Dave knows what he is doing. Dave knows my water system because he installed the well. Indeed, late this past summer, Dave replaced the pump deep in my 300 foot well. I'm showing a picture of Dave getting this project completed.

In between all of these events, including work in the Greenhouse and work in the garden, I bought a new truck. My new truck is a GMC 4 x 4. It is blue in color, it has On-star phone service, it has satellite radio, a 5.2 liter engine, and promises to be a good investment. I traded in my 2003 Chevrolet Truck, and my old truck did not have a bed liner. The GMC Sales Manager, Louis Spaeth, agreed to furnish a bed liner for my new truck as part of the financial transaction. I'm really delighted with my new truck. I drive it very carefully because I do not want it damaged. I'm showing a picture of myself with my truck.

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