Monday, March 29, 2010

Just Returned from Can-Am.

Hello Daylily Friends,

Diana and I were invited to attend the Canadian-American Daylily Conference, and of course we accepted the invitation. Early Thursday morning we left our house, and by 8:45 a.m. we were in the skies on a Delta flight headed to Buffalo, New York. When we landed in Buffalo we were soon met by our friend John Peat who gave us a ride to the Sheraton Hotel in Niagara Falls, Canada. As a Canadian citizen, John knew what to say and do to get us easily across the Canadian border. When we arrived at the hotel, Diana and I immediately set out on a walk to the falls. It was misting and raining, but the hotel loaned us one umbrella. First, we walked to the American side of the falls, and then we walked over to the "horse shoe" falls, which are the Canadian falls. The American falls are basically straight across, and the Canadian falls are shaped like a horse shoe. I'm showing a picture of the American falls, and then a picture of Diana with the umbrella standing in front of the Canadian falls. I might add that it was a long walk over and an even longer walk back.

On the way to the falls we stopped at the casino to see what it looked like. As we came in the front door there was a "nautulus fountain," and so we had our picture taken in front of the fountain by a security guard. The casino is surrounded by a mall of many, many stores. We walked through a number of the stores, and then we went into the casino. I gave Diana $10.00 to use to play the quarter machine. She did well for a few minutes, and then after about 15 minutes her $10.00 disappeared. I noticed that they had a "buffet" dinner in the casino and the cost was $22.00 per person, but if you were a "registered gambler," then your dinner was only $20.00. So, ultimately, I became a registered gambler, and later during the evening we had dinner at the casino. I'm showing our picture at the nautulus fountain, and then I am showing Diana as she was gambling.

My presentation went well on Friday morning, and everyone seemed to be pleased with what I presented. My show was basically the same as it has been at most daylily meetings we have attended, but I keep changing the show because I like to tell different stories. We met so many interesting people including Jerry and his son Michael, and we met Reggie Morgan who was so thoughtful to give us some greeting cards with pictures of our daylilies on the cards. We met Harvey and Diane Carver, and Tom and Myrna Hart, and Wayne and Wayne who told us about their daylily gardens and the "one unusual" visitor they had last summer. There was a large auction of the daylilies, and before I knew it the day was over. I showing a picture of myself and Diana standing with our good friends Lanny Morry and John Kinnebrew, Jr. I'm also showing Reggie when she gave me the cards that she had made. Thanks Reggie!

On Saturday morning my friend Mike Holmes from Ohio called me on the phone and suggested that we go to breakfast together. I promptly accepted because it is not often that I get the opportunity to talk to Mike and Jamie Gossard and also to John Kinnebrew, Jr. We went to a pancake breakfast restaurant that was only about a block from the hotel. I'm showing a picture of the four of us just after as our waitress served our orders. Speaking of breakfast, the two lunch meals that we had at the Daylily Conference, and the evening meal, were all very, very outstanding. One lunch meal was salmon, and the evening meal included prime rib. Yum, yum!

The conference ended on Sunday morning and our good friend Lanny drove myself and Diana and JoAnn Stewart to the airport in Buffalo. Despite the rain and wind in Atlanta, our plans went perfectly, and by 5:00 p.m. I was in my Greenhouse admiring my daylilies. It is good to be home again.


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