Thursday, March 18, 2010

Exciting News about Seedling 9-98

Hello Daylily Friends,

As many of you may know, I sometimes grow seedlings under plastic cover during the winter. Last winter I did this, and the plastic covering that I used was close to the Greenhouse. I had two covered rows, and I'm showing a picture of these two rows. As you can see from my photograph, it was snowing when my picture was taken. I've found that if seedlings are grown under protective cover, then, you can often see the new blooms within 10 to 12 months.

One of the new blooms that I had in May of 2009 was Seedling 9-98. I showed this Seedling in my Blog entry that was posted last year on May 26, 2009. I had just forgotten about this seedling until the plants began to grow again several weeks ago. You could look back at my Blog entry from last year to see Seedling 9-98, but for purposes of convenience I'm going ahead and showing it here again. It is a beautiful seedling. It has an orange self with a red eye and a red edge. I particularly like the raised ridges in the eye. Here is the cross that made the seedling: [(Open My Eyes x Steve Trimmer) x [Judy Farquhar x (Lonnie Leroy Carpenter x Kennesaw Mountain Hayride)]].

Now here is the exciting news: Seedling 9-98 is totally dormant. Hooray! Totally dormant. I am showing a picture of the three dormant seedlings that are now growing. What this means is that I have another tool to use with orange colors where there are eyes and edges, and again, my seedling is dormant. This means that I can cross my seedling with other seedlings like Stamile's ORANGE GROVE or Trimmer's ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL. I also have a number of other orange seedlings with eyes and edges and the new dormant 9-98. From my future use of Seedling 9-98 I will be able to create many "semi-evergreens" that will grow in either warm or cold climates.

There are three things that I do not yet know about Seedling 9-98: (1) height, (2) branching, and (3) bud count. If these three factors all come together, then Seedling 9-98 will be on the market in about another 24 to 30 months. It takes a long time to create a new daylily.



  1. Bill,
    Amazing seedling. I have not seen that color in a heavily sculpted seedling. You are doing great work. Lee

  2. Good Morning Lee,
    Thanks for your kind words. I am so thrilled about the seedling. I wish that I could bring it into the Greenhouse and use its pollen, but I must first have the plant's measurements. I also want it to grow and reproduce. I expect that I will treat it with a stronger fertilizer to push it along, but I will probably wait about 2 weeks on the fertilizer. It isn't often that a seedling of this beauty comes along.

  3. Are the daylilies actively growing under the plastic in the picture above?