Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good Days in the Daylily Garden

Hello Daylily Friends,

I have been watching Georgia Tech play basketball in the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament. We won the first game by winning against the University of North Carolina. They had us down, but we came back and won. Then we played Maryland, the 2nd ranked team in the ACC. We played practically perfect basketball in the first half, then did what we had to do to win for a second time. Next, we played North Carolina State. I assumed a win, but NC State was tough. Still, we won. Then today we played our fourth game in a row. We played Duke. We played very well in front of practically all Duke fans in Greensboro, North Carolina. We had too many turnovers. Still, I am happy because as a result of the ACC Tournament we won enough games that we will, indeed, be selected by the NCAA for their Tournament. We won in basketball like the "fire" won in the contest with my enormous trash pile. Look at my trash pile. The only thing left is ashes. Duke is in the past, and the big Tournament is ahead.

Well, I started trying to "convert" a few more plants. I particularly focused on EDNA SHAW. I previously "partially converted" EDNA SHAW. I decided to treat EDNA SHAW again because I have found with other conversion efforts, when there is a "partial conversion," the second conversion attempt is very, very successful. I also decided to treat another BIG KISS, another MADGE CAYSE, and two more of MIMOSA UMBRELLA. I can also boldly say that my wife has allowed me to use our basement for my conversion work. The plants are near the basement window, and during the day I keep the flourescent lights turned on. I turn the lights off at night. I keep working on the conversions. It is a fun thing to do with daylilies.

This was also a particularly fun week-end because our good friends, Larry and Cindy Grace visited with us as part of their journey to speak to a fine Daylily Club in Raleigh, North Carolina. On Thursday evening Diana prepared a wonderful dinner. Our good friends David and Camilla Arthur came over, and we all enjoyed supper together. We laughted and laughted. On Saturday, when Larry and Cindy came back through, they took us all out for dinner. Then, this Sunday morning, we all went to the Greenhouse together, and while we were there, I took our picture. I might add that the picture I took was "a good picture." Then, Diana and Cindy were inspecting my "Pitcher Plant." I like it because any knats or flies in the Greenhouse are drawn to it, they are captured, and then consumed by the hanging "pitchers."

Larry was surprised that I do not have more scapes appearing with my Greenhouse plants. Larry suggests that the reason is because we have had so many cloudy days with so much rain. I am nevertheless beginning to see the scapes appearing. It will take longer to see the new daylily blooms, and I continue to look forward to a wonderful spring.



  1. Bill,
    I am continually amazed at how you get your picture taken with all of these lovely ladies.
    Never the less, good job.

  2. Hi Lee,
    I just set the camera for a 10 second delay, then run to get into the picture before they can move. Its as easy as that.
    Just speed, speed, speed!

  3. EDNA SHAW is one of my ultimate favorite daylilies. I love its substance and texture.

  4. I also like EDNA SHAW. Years ago when I thought it was converted, it was with bitter disappointment that I left it behind. Now that I am a little better with my conversion work, I am again making the attempt to complete the conversion. I will post over the next four months as to progress that is made.