Monday, April 12, 2010

Diana Plants Her Tomatoes

Good Morning Daylily Friends,

My beautiful wife, Diana Rae, has just finished planting her tomatoes for 2010. You may remember that on February 19, 2010, I showed pictures of when she started growing her tomatoes in a potting mixture. Indeed, Diana planted 14 tomatoes. Eight were Burpee "Porterhouse" tomatoes. Five were Burpee "Supersteak" tomatoes, and there was one Park's "Whopper." The tomatoes are planted in large, fenced cages to keep them under control this spring and summer. All of the tomatoes are "indeterminate," which means that as long as they are living they will continue to grow in height. I might add that the Porterhouse tomatoes will weigh between 2 and 3 pounds. The Supersteaks will weigh between 1 and 2 pounds, and I do not know what the size will be of the Whopper, but because of the name, I would expect a large tomato.

I am also showing our son-in-law, Michael Kennedy, who is in the last stages of repairing our garden "Picnic Table." Michael had to remove all of the top boards, then he also had to replace several support boards. Now, he is sanding the table, getting it really smooth. Diana uses the table during the summer to visit with garden friends, to review and handle customer orders, and to sit and rest. Already the table is better than it was when it was first purchased four years ago. It's better because all of the old, untreated wood has been replaced with treated wood that will delay rotting. Thanks Michael for your good help!

I also want to add to this post a report on some of my additional conversion efforts. I am not sure that I have BIG KISS converted, but it is showing signs of nice growth. BIG KISS was given to me by my friend John Wagner from Kingsport, Tennessee. BIG KISS is a Joiner double that grows very well in cold climates. I sure hope my efforts are successful. I am reasonably confident that I also have HANDSOME ROSS CARTER converted. It was given to me by Josh Jacquez from Lafayette, Louisiana. Josh likes HANDSOME ROSS CARTER, and it should be a good plant to use with at least one of my dormant crosses of Varsity Orange x Tet. Orange Velvet. I'm very hopeful that I have HANDSOME ROSS CARTER well along in its conversion process. A third plant that I am showing is my wife Diana's LEMON CURLS. This is an incredible "unusual form." It is 42" inches high, it does not bend as most similar diploids do, and it is beautiful. If I can get LEMON CURLS converted for Diana then this should really be a big launch for her to continue her work with spiders and unusual forms. Conversion work is an important and long process; if the conversion is successful then the results are usually very outstanding.

The daylilies in the Greenhouse continue to grow, and as I've said before, I want blooms.



  1. Bill,
    I'm excited to hear that you are converting Big Kiss and Handsome Ross Carter! I've grown both of them for years...and they are exceptional plants....should add good stuff to your tet efforts. Handsome Ross has a large perfect shaped bloom with clear color. Big Kiss is one of my favorite dip doubles....I've just this morning taken a large group of clumps for planting at our church...Big Kiss is the double I chose for that bed.

    Irish Halo and Emerald Lace are looking good in my garden....really anticipate them blooming!
    Linda Hassler

  2. Oh Linda,
    How I enjoyed your message. I am so pleased that I have come this far with HANDSOME ROSS CARTER and BIG KISS. I have done all that I can to get them to full tet status. Now only prayer will take me the remainder of the journey. I am so delighted to know that you are looking for blooms on IRISH HALO and EMERALD LACE. I too am looking for blooms. Growing daylilies is such excitement! I would rather grow these plants than go up a tall mountain, travel to an exotic location, or just be "retired." Growing daylilies is fun. Thanks so much for your message.