Saturday, April 10, 2010


Good Morning Daylily Friends,

A week has passed since my last post this past Sunday. I have had so much gardening excitement that it will be difficult to tell the entire story in a few paragraphs, but here goes. Diana and I worked at a "no-break" pace to get new bird houses installed throughout the garden, we planted grapes, I shipped daylilies that had been ordered, and greeted garden visitors. Then I received a note from my friend Lee Pickles in Hixon, Tennessee. Lee was kind to invite myself and Diana to come and visit his Greenhouse. Diana couldn't go, but on Thursday morning I got up and drove to visit Lee. When I arrived I saw that the lights were on in the Greenhouse so I went directly there. I found Lee pollinating his daylilies. And, Lee's daylilies are just gorgeous. Lee took me on a tour through the Greenhouse, and I looked at everything. One plant that I particularly liked was BLUEGRASS MEMORIES. What a beautiful purple and blue. Lee even is allowing me to grow a pot of BLUEGRASS MEMORIES, and I have been given one of the fans. Lee and I went to lunch, and Lee even bought my lunch. It was good to visit with Lee and Jean. It is good to have daylily friends.

On the drive up to visit Lee I drove through rain, and on the way back home it also rained. I drove mostly on I-75. The big tractor-trailer trucks were a real problem. I tried to stay out of their way, but there is no hiding place on the interstate. It would be good if they could not pass, and if they had a speed limit that is 10 MPH less than other passenger vehicles.

Friday morning my friends William Marchant and David Arthur came over to visit my greenhouse, and I'm showing a picture of the three of us. In my greenhouse there was only one flower blooming: Kaskel's BEST EDGE. I wish I had blooms like Lee, but my blooms will not come until about the end of April or the first week of May. I was pleased to actually show William my conversion effort with TET. EXOTIC GYPSY. William wanted this daylily converted, and so I tried to get this accomplished last spring, but I was unsuccessful. It kept throwing up new shoots, and this doomed the conversion work. So, I treated it again this past fall, and the change in timing of the effort made the effort appear to be successful. I'm showing a picture of William admiring my result with TET. EXOTIC GYPSY. I have many, many scapes in the Greenhouse, and I am looking forward to seeing the seedlings bloom. I regret having to wait, and I an envious that Lee has blooms and I don't.

My friends Claude Carpenter and Harold Verner also came by to visit, and we enjoyed walking the garden. They also wanted to see blooms. We are all "starved-for-blooms."

This week-end I have to work to try to keep the "spider mites" under control in the Greenhouse. I admit that I do not like spider mites.


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  1. Hello Mike and Ms. Kelley Rae!
    I'm so glad that you have decided to become "participants" in following the daylily blog. As you can know from your garden visits, the garden is growing very nicely. I have just finished two days of spraying in the Greenhouse, trying to eliminate "spider mites." What a small, but wicked beast. And Mike, thanks for all of your help in putting up the bird houses and repairing the picnic table. This is most appreciated.