Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Handsome Ross Carter

Good Morning Daylily Friends,

As usual, this morning I got up and walked directly to the Greenhouse to see what might be blooming. I was walking the rows when I saw a flower from the diploid, HANDSOME ROSS CARTER. I didn't really know what the daylily looked like until I saw it bloom. I know that it is a short daylily, and I only tried to convert it because this was the request of my good friend, Josh Jacques from Lafayette, Louisiana. Josh purchased my collection for 2010, and so if Josh wanted it converted, then I had to give the project my best effort. Lots of daylilies are difficult to convert. No so with HANDSOME ROSS CARTER; I only treated three plants, and I'm showing the best of the three. You will notice that there is even a scape growing. What good fortune. I will be able to see the pollen and know about the success of my efforts without waiting a whole year. Thanks Josh for encouraging me to convert HANDSOME ROSS CARTER. I have big plans for it already. I will use it with several of my orange daylilies, and I will make the seedlings from HANDSOME ROSS CARTER to be much taller.

Well I have to go to my Barber, Ms. Lynn at L. & L. Barber and Style. Will finish this post when I return.

Back from Ms. Lynn's Barber Shop. I must say that I enjoy going to see Ms. Lynn, and I can report that she has become a person who also loves daylilies. She previously came over and visited our garden, and this past fall she expressed an interest in growing more daylilies. So, Diana and I dug up a number of plants for her and she is looking forward to seeing them bloom. I hope they do well and that she will be pleased. I also like visiting Ms. Lynn because she gives the best haircut that can be purchased for only $15.00. She is outstanding at what she does! Thanks Ms. Lynn.

What do you think of Ms. Lynn's black and white tiled floor? Perhaps a more important question is what do you think of her black and white zebra patterened shoulder cloth that she has me wearing?

I can also report that yesterday I finished the work on the new beds that I showed in my post back on April 15, 2010. You may recall that I worked the ground using the tiller on my larger John Deere Tractor. After moving dirt, establishing rows, and adding mulch, peat moss, lime and 10-10-10 fertilizer, I finally finished the task. It is important to have places to plant established daylilies that will come out of the Greenhouse in July, and it is important to have a place to put seedlings for testing during this coming winter. These new beds will be ready. Well, I must get back out to the garden and begin my day's work.



  1. Thats awesome Mr. Bill, thanks for the conversion effort!

    Josh Jaques
    Woodworth, LA

  2. Hi Josh,
    It looks good! I'm sure that I have HANDSOME ROSS CARTER headed to the tetraploid lines. Thanks for suggesting that I take this project. I think that it is a lot like TET. SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE that many like to work with because it has such a flat surface. I also like its eye. Very nice daylily. Thanks so much for your note.