Monday, April 26, 2010

Seedling 1-301

Good Morning Daylily Friends,

I am beginning to see blooms in our Greenhouse. This morning I saw the results of one of my efforts at using a dormant daylily with an evergreen daylily. More particularly, I made the following cross: (Varsity Orange x Tet. Terry Lyninger). As you know, Varsity Orange is a tall, beautiful, orange dormant. It is a solid orange and does not have an eye. I took pollen from Tet. Terry Lyninger to Varsity Orange just to see what the result might be. There was a carry-over of the eye from Tet. Terry Lyninger to Varsity Orange. Very nice. I was pleased with the height of the daylily which is 27 inches. There was very nice 3-way branching, with two proliferations. There were 14 buds. I am sure that by using a dormant with Tet. Terry Lyninger that I am making progress creating a plant that will grow in practically any climate.

I would again note that you can click on the above pictures to get a better view.



  1. Bill, this must easily be one of the most attractive orangy flowers I've ever seen.

  2. Thanks Christiaan,
    I already have plans to cross Seedling 1-301 with my Seedling 9-98 shown on my post on March 8, 2010. I can see a number of new possibilities in using orange daylilies to create even more lovely daylilies.