Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Good Morning Daylily Friends,

I am so pleased to introduce my new tetraploid conversion, TET. DREAMWORLD. DREAMWORLD is a diploid daylily that was introduced by Arthur Kroll back in 1994, and it is a cross between the following parents: (Someone Special x Barbara Mitchell). As a diploid, DREAMWORLD is 27" tall, with 3-way branching, and a 6 1/2" flower. Notably and importantly, DREAMWORLD is dormant. Also, it has 4-way branching. The first picture that I am showing is TET. DREAMWORLD growing nicely on November 3, 2009, about 6 weeks after it was treated with Colchicine. I was reasonably hopeful back on November 3, 2009, that I had successfully made the conversion because the foilage on the was so stiff. I must add that Diana and I went to the AHS National Convention back in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania back in 2000. At the Convention we went to Arthur Kroll's garden, and what a treat this was. Arthur had such incredible daylilies, and all in very substantial numbers. Arthur was kind enough to send DREAMWORLD to me as a "gift." I have tried to get it converted at various times since about 2003.

Earlier this year, on April 24, 2010, I continued to be hopeful that I had DREAMWORLD converted, because, again, the foilage was so stiff. I even stopped to take a picture of the plant, and I'm showing the picture here. The stiffness of a plant, alone, does not mean that the daylily is converted. Indeed, it is only one indicator. I have had many plants where there was such stiffness, but there was no conversion. I knew that I would have to wait to see actual pollen before I would know if I had been successful.

Finally, on the morning of June 3, 2010, the treated DREAMWORLD bloomed. I was surprised and delighted at the "thickness" of the flower. I have seen DREAMWORLD bloom many times in the past, but this was a first, seeing such a thick plant with considerable substance. You can imagine my excitement. I had come so far from the point of ownership back in the year 2000, to the date of June 3, and now with a real chance to see whether I had a conversion. I took one "anther" from DREAMWORLD, and promptly walked to my barn where I keep my microscope. I quickly located a glass "micro slide," and I put a drop of water on the slide. I then took pollen from the anther, and put it into the drop of water on micro slide. Next, I put a cover glass over the water and the pollen. I then looked through the microscope to see if I had tetraploid pollen. I was so, so pleased to see those very large, size 15 pollen. I felt as though I had made a significant accomplishment. Diploid pollen usually measures about an 8 to 10 or 11 on my hundred power microscope lens. I had, indeed, accomplished the task: A full conversion.

Well, TET. DREAMWORLD is 27" tall, but I like even taller daylilies. So, I searched for the potential pod parent which was easy to locate. It turned out to be my Seedling 9-73, and this is the cross: (Cerise Masterpiece x Emerald Lace). I have it as being 37" tall, 5-way branching, 24 buds, and a six inch flower. I do not say that 9-73 is an introduction; only that it is tall, and that it should be a good pod parent for a conversion. I have already set a pod on 9-73 from TET. PINK RUFFLED LOVE, so I know that 9-73 is pod fertile. I will keep at this for a few days. I expect to be successful.



  1. Bill,
    Exciting progress! Dreamworld is a lovely flower ....should be a great addition as a tet. I love your seedling 9-73...what an edge on beautiful form and color.
    Sam and I really enjoyed seeing your garden and greenhouse on the way home from the and Diana have created a beautiful surrounding for your home.
    Linda Hassler

  2. Thanks Linda. I'm pleased that you know DREAMWORLD. Seedling 9-73 should be a good pod parent. We enjoyed meeting you and Sam at the Convention, and look forward to more and more progress with daylilies.

  3. Congratulations on the conversion! So proud of you. :) It is beautiful.

    Kelley Rae

  4. Thanks Kelley Rae. And your Dad is proud of you as well!

  5. Congratulations!!I am so pleased to see someone has converted "Dreamworld". It is my favorite diploid and have lots of diploid seedling from it. I've said for some time that it would make a wonderful tet. parent. Can't wait to see your seedlings from it. PAP