Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Week After the Convention

Hello Daylily Friends,

It has been quite a week since we came home from the AHS National Convention last Sunday. Diana and I have been quite busy getting ready for our Sunday School Class to come and visit. Indeed, 56 members of our Class came yesterday morning, and it was much fun. I must also add that somehow I caught a "cold" at the Convention, but I worked through the week, pretty much at full speed, getting ready for our visitors this week-end. I would also note that our new friends, Michael and Marguerite Falconer from Canada, came to visit on their way home from the Convention. Diana and I much enjoyed seeing Michael again; we met Michael when we went to speak at the Canadian-American Conference at Niagra Falls. When Michael and Marguerite were here one new bloom that we had was on Seedling 9-101. It is a cross of the following parents: (Diana's Evening Gown x (Silent Musings x Tet. Uncle Bryan)). I like 9-101 because of its deep color, and because of all of the bubbling on the edge of the petals. However, 9-101 is somewhat short. So, I'm crossing it with Seedling 1-384 which I showed by picture in my post back on May 25, 2010. The height of 1-384 should help both daylilies, and each should help to contribute to an even more interesting edge on the petals.

We were also glad to see our new friends Paul Lewis and his wife Kyle who came to visit Friday morning, and they were traveling from their home in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. Paul has several of my new introductions growing in his garden, and he seemed pleased to see IRISH HALO growing in the Greenhouse. He also wanted to see EMERALD LACE, but I have sold all that I have of both plants, and I only have IRISH HALO in the Greenhouse. However, I will have more plants in the fall after I have gathered seeds. I'm showing a picture of myself with Paul and Kyle. You might note that we took our picture in the outside garden. I've started paying more attention to the daylilies in the outside garden since we are seeing new blooms. One new bloom is from Seedling 1-406. The parentage is shown on the photograph. I made many crosses from the same parents, but so far only 1-406 passes all tests. I do not work with spiders and unusual forms to the same extent that I do with large, round daylilies, but still, I like the spider forms. So, I'm really pleased with Seedling 1-406. Nice and tall; twisting foilage, nice green throat, big flower, branching. Everything that anyone would want in an unusual form.

One daylilily that I had really been looking forward to using this spring and summer is Seedling 9-110. It is dormant, and the cross is: (Crazy Ivan x Edd Chain). I saw it bloom outside last spring, and I had the distinct impression that it was of a reasonable height. So, I split my plant. I put one fan outside to grow during the winter, and the other plant I put in a pot, and eventually moved it into the Greenhouse. Sadly, I have not been able to set a pod on 9-110 in the Greenhouse. Perhaps my efforts have not been under the correct circumstances. So, today, Seedling 9-110 that is growing outside bloomed for the first time. I'm showing a picture. I took pollen and tried to use it with 9-110. I will keep trying different pollens until I get a "take." Surely I can get this accomplished. I like 9-110 because of the contrasting black, and yellow colors. Surely, there is a similar parent somewhere, or perhaps my dayliliy friends will gladly receive a short daylily that is just beautiful. Also, before I close I must show our Sunday School Class coming through the kitchen with each member having a heaping plate of wonderful "Brunch." As I said earlier, it was a lot of fun.

I have another story to tell about my conversion effort with Arthur Kroll's plant, DREAMSICLE. I hope to tell the story shortly.



  1. Bill, I like 9-101 nopt only for the red color, but for the teeth that are emerging. Nice flower.

  2. Thanks Lee. Maybe 9-101 will be blooming tomorrow. See you then.