Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Great Week-end!

Hello Daylily Friends,

This past Friday afternoon Diana and I drove down to The Crowne Plaza Hotel which is near the Atlanta airport to attend the AHS Region 5 "Fall Fling." It was a wonderful daylily event, and the program was just outstanding. On Friday evening we met with so many friends that we have come to know since our love for daylilies began so many years ago. We had a wonderful "dinner buffet" with many friends including Dave and Doris Bishop and Dave and Donna Williams. Then we received tremendous news from Pat and Ron Bonner as to the incredible financial success of the 2010 AHS National Convention. I can also report that I was privileged to be the Fling's first speaker on Saturday morning. It was necessary for Mr. Claude Carpenter to prepare my computer to be able to use the Region 5 projector. Then, the crowd began to come in to the auditorium to hear my program that I am pleased to say was delivered within the established 45 minute schedule.

Saturday afternoon Diana and I had to leave the "Fall Fling" to be on time to attend the wedding of Denny and Kristin Runnion. We traveled to the First United Methodist Church in Smyrna, Georgia, and witnessed their marriage ceremony as performed by the Rev. Al Turnell. We all then traveled to the Wedding reception at a nearby hotel where we had the most wonderful evening. Denny and Kristin provided every refreshment, and every dessert, and the most wonderful dinner that anyone could desire. Denny and Kristin danced the first dance, and then came around and visited with their guests. What a wonderful time. I know that Denny and Kristin will be very, very happy. You can see Kristin and Denny visiting with Janice and Bill Staton.

On Sunday morning Diana and I were up early, and traveled back to The Crowne Plaza Hotel to hear the remainder of the programs from the Fall Fling. I particularly enjoyed listening to Don Eller speak about his "conversion" work. The combination that Don uses when he converts diploids to tetraploids is as follows: (1) 380 milliliters of distilled water, (2) one gram of colchicine, (3) 12 milliliters of DMSO, and (4) 5 drops of food coloring. Don mixes these ingredients together, and this is his mixture for his conversion work. I particularly enjoyed listening to Don's wife, Nancy Eller, as she spoke about her "doubles program." Nancy spoke about her new introductions including WELCOME TO DREAMLAND. What a gorgeous double! It was created using Don's conversion, TET. AMANDA'S LITTLE RED SHOES. After the Fall Fling was concluded my dear wife Diana said goodbye to our friends Jack and Jackie. Sad to see everyone go, but we all had to get back to work in our gardens.


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