Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BEST EDGE bloomed this morning.

Hello Daylily Friends,

I went to the Greenhouse this morning, and there was a beautiful bloom from Matthew Kaskel's seedling, "BEST EDGE." This seedling has never been registered, but it is the parent of many, many past introductions from hybridizers such as Dan Trimmer and Frank Smith. A few of Trimmer's introductions that have BEST EDGE in their background include SHAMROCK LOVE, SHAMROCK SUMMER, PRISCILLA'S SMILE, TROPICAL HOT FLASH, and FLAMINGO SUNRISE. There are many others, but these come to mind at this moment. One of Frank Smith's introductions from using BEST EDGE includes PATSY CLINE. I really like BEST EDGE, and one of its attractions is that it has a "green edge." However, the green edge of BEST EDGE is not as green as the edge on my own IRISH HALO. I am still pleased to say that IRISH HALO is still the best green edged daylily on the market.

I have seen all types of animals in or near our daylily garden, but today was genuinely a new surprise. I looked out of the Greenhouse where I was working, and I saw two donkeys. Yes! Two donkeys! I don't know how the donkeys came to be in my garden, but I approached them and tried to get a picture. The closer I moved, the more they moved. Finally, I was close to my neighbor's property, and then I got a picture. You can see that the donkeys are quite healthy. Indeed, well feed. I'm sure they will be missed soon by their owner.

I should also point out that this coming week-end will be Region 5's "Fall Fling." Last year, Region 5 had a "Spring Fling." It was an incredible week-end. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the Spring Fling. I understand that it was changed to a Fall Fling so as to fit in with other schedules. So, I'm looking forward to the Fall Fling and hoping that it will be half as good as last year's Spring Fling. Both the Fall Fling and the Spring Fling were organized by my good friend, Claude Carpenter. I am showing a picture of Claude at our picnic this past Saturday making an announcement about the Fall Fling. I would offer this advice to anyone who can attend this coming week-end: Go! Attend! You absolutely will not regret your decision. One of the speakers will be Oliver Billingslea from Alabama. Oliver is going to speak about "Photography in the Garden." Hope to see you at the Fall Fling.

That is some of the news for today from the Kennesaw Mountain Daylily Gardens.



  1. Bill,
    Do you or anyone else reading your blog know the parentage of Kaskel's Best Edge? I heard Dan Trimmer give the parentage once, but I did not catch any of the names except possibly Spacecoast Starburst--unless I'm mistaken. I also remember him suggesting it was from an F2 cross so that "all the genes lined up."
    And when are those 2011 intros going up on the website????

  2. Good Morning Carey,
    I did know the parentage of BEST EDGE, but I didn't write it down and now I can't remember. It is an F2 cross, and I'm reasonably sure that it had some of Stamile's introductions in the cross. It is still a sought after seedling. I notice that Dan Trimmer just introduced PARROT MOON, GARDEN DEBUTANTE, FLAMINGO SUNRISE and CARROT CAKE, which all have BEST EDGE in their background.
    I will probably have four or five 2011 introductions. I will probably start posting about some of these next week.

  3. Bill,

    I was fortunate to purchase a fan of Best Edge from John Benz this spring and fortunately for me it bloomed at the peak of bloom season. You can only imagine how many crosses and seed I've collected from my Best Edge crosses. I see a lot of what appears to be fake Best Edge daylilies posted on the lily auction. I think it's important to make sure the Best Edge one is purchasing is the real mccoy. It is a truly amazing parent. Can't wait to see your 2011 introducions. When will you be posting them on your website?

  4. Great photo!!
    Hope to see YOU this weekend at the Fall Fling. I'll be there all the way from Michigan!


  5. Hello Nikki,
    Thanks for your compliment about the photo of BEST EDGE. I agree that the flower was beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing you at the FALL FLING. I would also encourage anyone else reading this note to take the note as another encouragement to attend the FLING.

  6. Hi Paul,
    I should be able to post about my new seedlings sometime next week. There will probably be only four and perhaps five introductions. I can only introduce those that will stand hard weather. I'm already looking forward to next week's discussion.