Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Fall Picnic!

Hello Daylily Friends,

I was so pleased this past Monday that David and I finished planting my seedlings outside. We have four beds, with four lines of plants to each bed. There is one row of just red seedlings, which I expect to be just beautiful. Then, there is one row with just blue eyed beauties that I also expect to be beautiful. Then, there are two rows that have conversions as parents along with lots of seedlings with teeth. When David and I finished planting the rows Kelley and Diana came by, and so we all had our picture taken together celebrating the accomplishment. It is a good thing to have all of the outside seedlings planted and growing on October 4, 2010. These seedlings will be covered with plastic for the winter, and all of the seedlings should bloom this coming spring.

Well after the outside seeds were planted we all started looking forward to our Cobb County Daylily Society, "Fall Picnic." Indeed, it took place on Saturday, October 9, 2010. I was so pleased that we had 61 lovers of daylilies to attend. We all enjoyed a picnic supper consisting of fried chicken, 24 different casseroles, 14 different desserts, every kind of drink that you could think of, all with rolls and salads and anything else that you can imagine. The picnic supper was so good and we all had such wonderful conversation with each other. The weather was perfert, there were no bugs, and we all laughed a lot. After supper I insisted that we all gather together for a Club picture, and we got everybody in the picture!

One of the places that everyone visited was our "Raffle Table." Camilla and David Arthur were in charge of this Table, and we sold a chance to win several daylilies including Stamile's WALTER KENNEDY. We sold about 20 other items, and everybody had a chance to win "door prizes." Daylily friends can't have enough daylilies. We also sold plants costing $5.00, $10.00 and $15.00. Everybody went home with something new.

We also now have two new members from our picnic. Our first new member is Hilda Becker, shown on the right with Camilla Arthur and Marlee Price. Oh, Marlee brought her little dog, "Tucker" to the Picnic. If you go back up to the group picture, on the front row you can see Marlee holding Tucker. Tucker really liked coming to the picnic, and he happily greeted all Club members. Our second new member is Mary Waite shown in the picture to the left with Bruce Kovach, the newly elected President of the Greater Atlanta Daylily Society. We are fortunate to have Mary and Hilda join because as new members because they bring new excitement to our Club. That is, more friends with whom we can celebrate daylilies!

Well that is the news for this week from here in Cobb County, Georgia.


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