Monday, February 14, 2011

Atlas Manufacturing Systems, Inc.

Hello Daylily Friends,

May I tell you of my experience this past week end with my Greenhouse? OK, then I will. I was very concerned when I saw that the "window" behind my coolant system would not close, and then when it ultimately did close, it would not reopen. I can't have my Greenhouse operating without adequate ventilation because I might lose my daylilies. So I called my good friend Jeff Wade at Atlas Greenhouse in Alapaha, Georgia. Jeff understood my problem. He game me instructions on how to loosen a particular bolt to determine if the bolt had been stripped. I did as Jeff instructed. The bolt was okay. Then Jeff said that the problem might be the Thermostat. I checked it as well, and it was ok. Jeff then decided that the source of the problem had to be the Tubular Motor that opens and closes the window.

Jeff promptly made arrangements for my good friend, Roger Nugent, to drive all the way from Alapaha, Georgia, to my home here in Marietta, Georgia, which is a 4-hour drive. When Roger arrived he was certainly welcome. As Roger drove up I was promptly explaining my problem, but of course Roger already knew about my problem, and he was prepared to make the repair. Roger examined the "Tubular Motor" that operated the opening and closing of the window, and promptly proceeded to take out the old Tubular Motor, and install a new Motor. It didn't take Roger very long to work his way through the problem. Roger then adjusted the window, and in about an hour Roger had my window working again. Roger did a great job. Thanks Roger!

Roger has admired my daylilies from having visited my Greenhouse before when he and his brother Owen installed the new plastic this past September. Roger wanted a few more brochures, and so we of course gave him several covering the past two years. Roger asked a few more questions about my work in growing "new introductions," and I decided to show Roger some of my Conversion work taking place in my basement. I'm showing a picture of Roger as he looked over my Conversion work table. Roger was very intrigued. It was good to have Roger make the repair, and then be so interested in my use of the Atlas Greenhouse.

After having a wonderful Valentine Day Supper, prepared by my beautiful wife, Diana Rae, I received a call from Jeff Wade at Atlas. Jeff wanted to know how it went with Roger making the repair to the Greenhouse. I said to Jeff, "I feel as though I'm Atlas' most important customer. No matter what my problems might be, you always act like my problem is your only problem." Jeff laughted, but it is true. I've owned my Atlas Greenhouse for 5 years, and whenever I've had any problem, Atlas has made every effort, every time, to get my issue resolved with the utmost of dispatch. I have to give Atlas the highest marks that any customer could possibly give because Atlas is dependable. I can count on Atlas. Thanks Jeff. Thanks Roger. I like being your most important customer.


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