Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Splendid Daylily Saturday!

Hello Daylily Friends,

Diana and I got up this morning at 6:00 a.m., and promptly got ready to go to the home of our friends, Jack and Cynthia Rigsby. Diana and Jack had made plans for the four of us to travel together to go to the Region 5 (Georgia) meeting at Macon College in Macon, Georgia. Unfortunately, Diana and I had problems. First, we left the house a little late, and traveled a short distance when we realized that we had both forgotten our cell phones. So we went back to the house to get our phones. When we went in the alarm triggered, and we couldn't shut it off. The alarm company called, and we got it all cleared, but we were obviously going to be late getting to Jack and Cynthia's home. Finally we arrived at the Rigsby home, and Cynthia had prepared Biscuits with cheese and Biscuits with sausage, all topped off with good hot coffee. What started out not so good was turning out to become a much better morning. Oh, at our Region meeting I was the first speaker, and during the 15 minutes that I spoke, one of the pictures that I showed was this one of my good friend Jack speaking with Senator Johnny Isackson.

We were soon on our way to Macon. When we arrived at the place for our meeting, to my surprise, we were early. The meeting had not started. At the door to the meeting I saw our new Region 5 President, Claude Carpenter. Claude was watching members "sign in" and then proceed through a line where they could purchase daylilies donated by our members. You can see a picture of our members carefully examining the "daylily stock." I had to get a closer picture of the daylilies and I got this accomplished. I am quite surprised that so many daylilies were sold. Of course, we are all fanatics for daylilies, and we will buy most anything. However, as best I could tell, Region 5 was selling very desired and sought after daylilies. Do you notice the "containers" that Claude uses from which the daylilies are sold. They are in blue. Claude just stacks them up and puts them away until they are needed again. Claude is quite the innovator; that is why he is President.

The Guest speakers at our Region meeting were Dan and Jane Trimmer. What a thrill it was to be able to visit with such tremendous hybridizers. First we listened to Jane, and I was glad to see her flowers, but I was also glad to hear the history of the Trimmer family. Jane has done so well with small flowers, small doubles, and with spiders. Then we listened to Dan. As Dan was speaking I was listening, but also I was looking at the Trimmer catalogue. I was surprised to see a flower named "Saving Parrot Ryan." What an interesting name to use! There was an auction after Dan spoke, and I bought one fan of his new introductions, FLORENCE DENNY. I just had to have it because it is so large, and because one of the parents is Tet. Tuscawilla Snowdrift. After the meeting Diana and I had our picture taken with the Trimmers.

Jack then drove us over to "HOME OF HEAVENLY BAR-B-Q." We all had a delightful Bar-B-Q lunch. We talked about the events that happened at the Region meeting, we talked about the daylilies we purchased, and we talked about how much fun we had at the meeting. My good friend Jack even observed, "And there was no bad language by anybody at all; just good folks!" Indeed, I remember Dan telling us how fortunate we are to have the excitement of daylilies in our lives. We always have something new, just up ahead, only a short distance away. Indeed, it was a splendid daylily Saturday.



  1. B,

    Good choice with purchasing Dan Trimmer's "Florence Denny." I have been admiring it for the past couple of years at Dan's place. If you are a fan of Tet. Tuscawilla Snowdrift, I believe Dan Hansen has some left to sell. It's always nice to
    read about others who share the same enthusiasm we do. Great column.

  2. I am surprised to see zero comments about Senator Johnny Isackson. I am interested to know what he spoke about.