Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rain, Rain, Thanks for Coming!

Hello Daylily Friends,

There is a sign posted in front of Pike's Nursery that reads, "Prepare to Plant your Garden!" Well, that is what I was working on this past Monday and Tuesday: Getting my Garden ready for Spring. I went to the Home Depot, and I rented a "Ditch Witch" machine that I used to dig deep trenches around my daylily beds. I did this to eliminate encroaching tree roots. Tree roots are awful. They rob the daylilies of moisture, and I would rather have my daylilies than a Pine or a Hemlock, or an Oak, or any other kind of tree. I am showing one area where I cut Pine Tree roots, and then I am showing a second area where I cut roots from several Hemlock Trees. It is my intent to have the best seedlings ever in 2011, and tree roots will not hinder my daylilies.

One area of the Garden where we have another concern is next to where Diana grows her tomatoes. It is also an area where I have a number of seedlings growing, and I want to see these seedlings at their best, and at full strength. The nearby trees are Oaks. You wouldn't think that Oak Trees would throw roots that are as harmful as Pine Tree roots, but the Oak Tree roots are even worse. The Oak Tree roots are very fine, and they really take the moisture, even if you water every day. So, I had to also cut the Oak Tree roots. As you look closer at the area where Diana's tomatoes grow you can see that the area around the beds are covered nicely with "wood chips. Then, a thin layer of pine straw is used to cover the wood chips. This system works very well. It is almost like what many gardener's do when they use wooden boxes to enclose their daylily beds. I simply build up the soil using organic material, and then cover the area near the beds/rows with the wood chips. I do it this way because I like the way that it looks, and I believe that I am doing something to improve the fertility of the garden.

I would note that the pictures shown today were taken this morning while it was raining. I worked as much as I could on Monday and Tuesday, knowing that it would rain on Wednesday, and that it would take the remainder of the week to dry out. I just have to thank our Heavenly Father for sending the rain, without which nothing would exist.

I also want to thank those who have been praying for our friend Michael Falconer in Canada. Michael wrote me the most wonderful note to let us know that his surgery went well, and that he is recovering. Michael and Marguerite have high spirits, and are looking forward to seeing the Spring, and the daylily blooms that surely will come. I would encourage everyone to keep Michael in your prayers through this season of Lent. His surgery was serious, and prayers are needed to help him regain his health, and his strength.


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