Sunday, March 6, 2011

Visiting the Mobile Hemerocallis Society

Hello Daylily Friends,

This past week-end Diana and I were privileged to be invited to come and visit with the Mobile Hemerocallis Society. We got up early Sunday morning, on February 27, 2011, and drove from our home here in Marietta, Georgia, to Mobile, Alabama. When we arrived in Mobile Diana "directed" that we go to Belk's Department Store. At first I did not understand that the Mobile Club met in the Community Room inside Belk's. Then, as we walked into Belk's, we were met by Chris and Beth Rea, by Fred Manning, and by John and Nancy Falk. Of course it was like seeing old friends, and being able to visit. John and Fred and Chris helped me bring the daylilies into the Community Room for later auction. The Club met, and then I gave my presentation. I know that it must have been too long, but when you see friends who also love daylilies, it is just hard to stop talking. After the meeting we were taken to the Hampton Inn where our Room was upgraded to a Suite. Nice! Then John and Nancy took Diana and I to a wonderful Seafood Restaurant that was right on Mobile Bay. Just a lovely, lovey visit with friends, and Dinner, and most enjoyable conversation. Thanks to the Mobile Hemerocallis Society!

Back at home I continue to be surprised by the progress with my effort to convert my Carpenter Seedling. At first I was concerned as to whether I should cut the growing conversion. I did ultimately cut both Plants 3 and 4, and I expected the emergence of just a single fan on each plant. However, a few days after the plants were cut, I was startled to see the emergence of "multiple fans." I have had multiple fans before in my conversion work, but this time I was genuinely surprised. So, this afternoon I thought that I would show how the two plants appear today. I am beginning to believe that these two conversions will survive and continue to grow. I sure hope so because this is one conversion that I really want to have accomplished.

During March, 2010, Diana and I were privileged to take a trip to Niagra Falls in Canada. We made many friends in Canada including Michael and Marguerite Falconer. In Canada Diana and I I sat at the table with Michael, and also went to lunch together. Then, this past May, Michael and Marguerite attended the AHS National Convention in Valdosta, Georgia. After the Convention Michael and Marguerite came by our house to see our garden. We had a wonderful time. Then, we learned that Michael had a serious form of cancer. Fortunately, Michael went through an operation on March 4, 2011, in London, Ontario. We have been praying for Michael, and we ask our daylily friends to do the same. Michael has gone through this medical journey will the full intent of growing his summer garden. Michael has a fan of my IRISH HALO, and he wants to see it bloom. Pray for Michael's complete recovery, that he will be able to enjoy his summer garden, and that IRISH HALO is as beautiful for him as it can possibly be. Thanks! We love you Michael.



  1. Bill,

    My thoughts and prayers are with Mike. I hope he does get to see Irish Halo bloom and many other daylilies in the future. Life is a blessing and sometimes we can take it for granted. I pray Mike has a speedy recovery.

  2. Thanks Paul. I appreciate your prayers and I know that Michael will as well. I must tell you that your PINK STRIPES has bloomed several times, and it is beautiful.

  3. B,

    Pink Stripes sure is unique. It was hybridized by Mike Derrow. I believe that is his correct name. Excited to see where you go with that Carpenter seedling as well. It has a very unique pattern of cocentric circles. Should open some new doors. Thanks.