Friday, April 22, 2011

Hello Daylily Friends,

I regret that I haven't been able to post in the last ten days, but I have had serious eye surgery, and my physician has directed that I cannot read or write, that I cannot drive, that I cannot lift more than 10 pounds, that I cannot wash dishes, and additionally, that I must remain "face down" for 20 out of 24 hours for 14 days. My Doctor has repaired a Macular Hole that developed in my left eye. This happens to about 3 people for every 1,000 people. Most of these restraints will be removed, I hope, this coming Wednesday morning, and I can then resume some of my normal activities. I have, however, been able to go to the greenhouse for about 30 minutes each morning over the past week. It pains me that I haven't been able to show you what I have seen. One flower that I saw today I must, nevertheless, show you now. It is a glorious yellow with teeth everywhere. It has teeth on the petals and on the sepals. It delights over the attention it brings to itself. Here is the picture.

Hope to be back to full strength soon. Diana transcribed this report.



  1. Hi Bill,

    Glad your recovery is progressing. Very nice seedling. What is the parentage? Thanks.

  2. Dear Bill,

    Yeah, we sure missed you! Really sorry to hear your eye required surgery, but do your best to follow doctor's orders. We all want you to have a speedy recovery. This might make you feel better.....up here in Ohio we have been inandated (sp?) with rain. Most rain I have ever seen in April in my 47 years. Makes it almost impossible to dig daylilies that need to be shipped. I'm digging up clumps of mud. Our forecast calls for more rain this week. The weather sure has been a pain this year. Life is tough sometimes. I guess that's why we appreciate the good times that much more. If I lived in the neighborhood, I'd offer more help, but for now I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Take it easy my friend.

  3. Hi Bill,

    Sorry to hear that you had eye surgery and all that you have to do afterwards. If there is a good part of it, it is good to have this out of the way now rather than later. I love the toothy seedling; great job of spreading that pollen. KENNESAW MOUNTAIN HAYRIDE is doing great here in Nebraska this spring. Have a good Easter, as good as you can.

    David Hansen

  4. Bill,
    I hope and pray that you will have excellent results from the eye surgery. This seedling is outstanding!
    Linda Hassler