Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring: The Best Time of the Year!

Hello Daylily Friends,

I walked outside this morning, and as I looked around I saw so many beautiful plants and flowers that Diana has planted.  Just gorgeous.  I particularly like the massive hosta called "Sum and Substance."  It is so big and enormous; it must be noticed!  Then, Diana has hanging baskets, she has colorful mushrooms, and an assortment of little angel statues.  So much to see, and as my friend Lee Pickles would say, "It is all very good."  Then I walked out to the garden in the back, and it is clear that there will be full bloom in only a few days.  I am particularly watching the seedlings because I want to see the daylilies that "are brand new."  That haven't bloomed before.  I am showing a scene looking back across my seedling garden, looking toward our barn.  The morning is always so beautiful.  So perfect.  

Well, one of my new daylilies is Seedling 11-243.  Very nice daylily.  One of its parents is Seedling 1-337, which I call "PEARLY WHITES."  I must give my good friend Karol Emmerick considerable credit because her daylily, GNASHING OF TEETH, has made so many beautiful purple daylilies for me that have teeth.  This particular daylily just offers so much promise, but alas, it will have to grow outside in our cold winter climate for several years before any final judgment can be made.  Today, however, Seedling 11-243 stands tall, beautifully formed, and receiving our admiration.

I have shown you a few of my new, green edged seedlings, and today I want to show you another one: Seedling 11-244.  Its edge is very green, but not very large.  I like this particular edge, however, because it has so many "knobs and hooks," and other alluring features.  In fact, I took a picture of the edge so that you can see the knobs and hooks.  It seems to me that the emphasis in what is being grown in new daylilies is revolving around green edges, and white edges, and plants that stand the winter very well, but look like they are plants from Florida.  It is all very exciting.

Well, I went back to the house to get another cup of coffee, but my cat Sammy had taken my chair.   Diana and I have become used to granting Sammy the chair of his choice.  Sammy took my chair, and I consider this as a compliment.  Sammy thinks my chair is a very good chair, and that is why it is also his choice.  My cat Sammy is a precious cat who walks with us in the garden, but when he gets settled into a good chair, he just sleeps there all day.


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  1. Bill,

    Love seedling 11-224. Is that one from Emerald Lace breeding? Your garden looks amazing! Lots of hard work, but you get to enjoy the results. Here in Ohio the rain continues to pound us. I think our weatherman said it has rained 45 out of 60 days. Haven't seen the sun as much as I would have liked. I've gotten almost all of my new arrivals planted. Seems like spring is the best time to get new daylilies established. Sometimes you get to enjoy the pollen from a random scape during the season. Anyway, as always I enjoy your writing.