Friday, May 13, 2011

Two Conversions!

Hello Daylily Friends,
 I mentioned on this blog, back on November 3, 2009, and again on February 2, 2010, that I was trying to convert Joiner's SUNGLASSES NEEDED.  Last year I firmly believed that I had it converted, but I kept it in its black bucket on top of my "coolant system" in the Greenhouse.  This was a big mistake.  When it got too hot, the roots in the pot just couldn't avoid the stress, the plant reversed, did not recover, and died.  All that work was lost.  However, I am not a person who is likely to quit, and so this past fall, and during the winter, I again tried to convert SUNGLASSES NEEDED.  I treated only three (3) plants.  As the plants grew out of the treatment process, I noticed that Plant #2 looked converted, and that plants #1 and #3 might be converted as well, but yesterday, I had a bloom on Plant #2 such that I could check the size of its pollen under the microscope.  WOW!  I was so surprised when I saw the pollen.  Big pollen that measured 14 and 15 on my measuring scale.  There were some smaller, round pollen, but it is my opinion that these are also Tet. Pollen.  What a thrill to see.  I'm showing a picture of TET. SUNGLASSES NEEDED.

I've decided that TET. SUNGLASSES NEEDED will be a perfect pollen parent to use with my "green edged" daylilies.  To my surprise, there is a lot of green in TET. SUNGLASSES NEEDED.  I am hopeful that I can make green edged, yellow self, doubles.  I'm already making the seeds.

I have another conversion story to tell.  Back on June 9, 2010, I reported in this blog that I had converted TET. DREAMWORLD.  I also reported that I had made seeds using Seedling 9-73, which is a cross between Cerise Masterpiece and Emerald Lace.  Just a few days ago I had my first blooms from this cross, and I'm showing a picture.  I just can't tell you how glad I was to see my first new bloom.  I like the bloom, but certainly it is not an introduction.  More work will be required.  I started crossing it with my Seedling 1-341, which is shown as the first picture on my futures page on my website.  I think that the light pink and the lavender will merge well together.  Then, I started crossing it with a deep, deep, beautiful red seedling that has a very saturated green throat.  The nice thing about my new flower is its height, branching and bud count.  Also, the flower is very nice.  I can also add that I can set seeds directly on TET. DREAMWORLD.  The conversion is pod and pollen fertile.

When I was in the Greenhouse this morning I noticed a daylily with a new bloom.  That is, this plant had not bloomed before.  It is Seedling 11-234, and the cross is as follows:  [(Tet. Lavender Blue Baby x Tet. Crystal Blue Persuation) x Blue Beat].   I like the flower very much.  It is 4 1/2" in diameter, it is 30" tall, it has 24 buds, and most importantly, it has 5-way branching.  Just astonishing branching!  I had to take the picture at an angle, but you can see that the color is very nice, and is quite alluring.  Indeed, Seedling 11-234 simply seems to call to visitors to come and look.  Who would believe that anything like this could be accomplished in just nine months.  Plant the seed in late August, 2011, and then there is the flower blooming in such a short time.  What I am particularly please about is all that branching.  The seedling, (Tet. Lavender Blue Baby x Tet. Crystal Blue Persuasion), had very little branching.  I think that I may have accomplished the branching through Stamile's Blue Beat.  This flower will have to stand the winter, and so it will be judged several more times over the next two years, but it has passed its first test, and has earned an A+++.

What about the Navy Seals v. Osama Bin Laden?  I spoke to my friend Larry about this hot issue, and Larry's comment caught me by surprise.  Larry observed that he didn't think that Bin Laden would have been such an "offensive fellow" if he had been able to joing a Daylily Club.  What?  Yeah!  Larry thought that if we could have put Bin Laden to work growing daylilies, that he would not have been visited by the Navy Seals.  I have to say, my friend Larry loves daylilies.

Well I have to go.  More news soon.


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  1. Dear Mr. Waldrop,
    I really like all of the seedlings you have posted! They look really nice...I especially like the second seedling pictured for its thick color. Check out some of my new seedlings at! I am very happy with how they are turning out... Thanks for all the help!
    Luke Van de Vate