Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hello Daylily Friends,
   When I walked into the Greenhouse this morning, one of the first flowers that I saw I am herewith showing in this photo.  The cross is unusual.  It is as follows:  (Desire of Nations x Seedling 1-337 {Shirley Ann McCord x Gnashing of Teeth})I was particularly pleased to see the purple color and the blue eye, but I was also intriqued by the burgundy color on the sepals.  I am not sure how a flower of these colors would be described.  Would this be a bi-tone?  I was also delighted to see that edge on the purple petals was white and that this white edge included noticeable teeth.  Since this is the very first bloom, it will be interesting to see if the color pattern continues.
The next flower that caught my attention this morning was not really red, but it was almost red, and it had very nice white teeth.  Neither the purple seedling, shown above, or this new nearly red see
dling with teeth have been given a number, but it seems to me that these are two daylilies that will require continuing attention.
I think that I will make an F2 cross on both of these seedlings and see if I can intensify the color patterns and the obvious white edges with teeth. 
I didn't stay at the Greenhouse very long because my dear wife, Diana, made arrangements several days ago for myself and our daughter, Kelley, to go and see the TV Italian cook, Giada, who was giving a presentation at the Galleria Mall.  Kelley arrived at the house promptly at 10:00 a.m., and by 11:00 a.m. we were sitting in our assigned seats awaiting Giada's entrance before a crowd of thousands.  I have always enjoyed watching giada cook on television and sometimes Diana prepares meals using Giada's recipes.  The lady seated to my immediate right offered to take my picture and Kelley's picture together while we waited for Giada and I am posting the picture here showing our anticipation for the arrival of the esteemed Italian Chef.
When Giada came on stage the crowd erupted with a clapping, standing welcome.  We participated!  She stood there and talked to everyone and told us about the recipes that she was going to cook and she selected volunteers to come to the studio kitchen to help her with the preparation of each meal.  You might be interested to know that when Giada films her tv shows, they are not done in her home, but in the television studio.                                                                                   I am showing a picture of Giada as she appeared speaking to the crowd during her show.I want to thank Diana for taking dictation and posting this message.   Bill

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  1. Bill,

    Looks like the eye is better. Love the first purple bloom. After seeing Gnashing of teeth in your greenhouse last year I had to have it. It would appear both Gnashing of teeth and Desire of nations are stellar parents for Karol Emmerich and it would appear for you as well. I can't wait to use them this year. Keep posting the seedling pics. I really enjoy them.