Saturday, September 3, 2011

Seedlings; Getting Ready for Winter.

Hello Daylily Friends,

I have been working both in the Greenhouse, and in the outside garden, getting ready for winter.  In the Greenhouse I look every morning to see which new seeds have sprouted.  On August 7, 2011, I had 95% of all of my seeds planted in 3" peat pots.  Many seeds came up within about 10 days.  Then, over the next 20 days, more seeds sprouted.  Now, 27 days later, I still have sprouts emerging.  I would also note that my rate of germination is about 80 to 85% percent.  Good germination, but in years past I have done better.  I thought that you might like to see what the new sprouts looked like this morning. 

Ms. Diana also has seeds growing in the Greenhouse.  She has an odd method for planting her seeds, and she makes odd crosses, but she has two sets of crosses that have attracted my attention.  The first set of seeds that I noticed was ROSE F. KENNEDY x THE FREAK.  I like this cross because both plants have very strong, deep green colored throats.  The second set of seeds that caught my attention is PAPA GOOSE x THE FREAK.  I really like PAPA GOOSE because the flower is so large.  While this is a cross that I would not have made, it still offers promise because both parents are wonderful daylilies.  Charles and Heidi Douglas gave us PAPA GOOSE when we visited their club in Georgetown, South Carolina, this past winter.  Our Friend, Barry Mathie, gave us THE FREAK when we got to know each other in Canada. 

I may have THE FREAK converted, but I will not know for sure until I see the pollen this coming spring.  This coming winter I'm going to also convert PAPA GOOSE.

I am ready to show my introductions for 2012.  They have been dug, cut, planted outside, and some of all of them are growing in buckets in the Greenhouse.  I simply have to get the names reserved before I show the plants.

More news coming soon.



  1. Bill looks like the seedlings are coming on very nicely.

    Talk Soon

  2. Thanks Chris,
    I am delighted with the progress. However, this morning, 30 days from August 7, there were still seedlings just sprouting. Strange that it would take so long for them to emerge. I think that growing seedlings is also a "fun part" of being addicted to daylilies.

  3. Bill,

    I've been lining out seedlings. It's a little late in my season up here in Ohio. If the seedlings don't get there roots down before winter sets in the frozen ground can sometimes heave them right out of their holes. The other problem I have is space. Since I live on a postage stamp sized lot, it seems I never have enough space for all my seedlings. Sometimes I have to discard the crosses I am less crazy about. All in all, you are right. It is a lot of fun even though at times it is very hard work. The results are worth it though. Your seedlings look great. I am looking forward to seeing what daylilies you choose to introduce. There is one that I was very fond of out of Lydia's Regal Robe. Hope it makes the cut.