Monday, September 12, 2011

Visiting the Southern Michigan Daylily Society

Hello Daylily Friends,

This past Friday morning Diana and I were up at 5:30 a.m., and we went to the Atlanta Airport for a Delta flight to Detroit, Michigan.  The flight was very nice, and we were met at the Detroit Airport by Don and Marietta Crabtree.  Marietta is the Club's President, and she and Don took us from the Airport to the General Motors building in downtown Detroit.  We were then treated to a wonderful lunch at Andiamo Riverfront Restaurant which is on the first floor of the General Motors building.  Before we went into the Restaurant we had our picture taken together in front of the Detroit River, and just across the river is Canada.  We were surprised to learn that several Club members drive over from Canada to participate in Club events.   The General Motors building had an unusual glass sculpture at the entrance to the building that I thought you might like to see.  It is called "Borealis," and was designed by Danny Lane from London, England.  Very interesting.  There were also many General Motors vehicles displayed in the building, which, in and of itself, was quite a sight to see.

We eventually went to our Hotel where Diana and I both rested from our journey.  I also continued to work on my presentation because it is my first new presentation that I have prepared for this coming fall and winter.  Soon, Barbara and Armand Delisle came and gave us a ride to a wonderful Restrant where we met other Club members, and had a delightful dinner dinner.  Dinner friends included Bill and Arlene and Kathleen Dargel at the exquisite Kruse & Muer Restaurant.  Can you guess the subject of our dinner conversation?  Well, daylilies, of course!  There is nothing better for dinner conversation than the subject of growing this wonderful plant.

Eventually we were at the Club meeting, and everyone treated us as if we were "Royalty."  Before we went to Detroit we had been told that they would have a projector available for us to use.  I nevertheless took my own projector because I have seen other projectors used, and the colors were somewhat distorted. Well, Gary Faust helped me with my equipment, and he simply plugged my computer into the projector.  To my surprise the picture was wonderful, so I used the Club's projector.  I'm showing a picture of the Club that I took from the nearby "stage."  I just couldn't get everyone rounded up for a single picture.  It was simply too late, but you can see that the Southern Michigan Daylily Society is a large Club.  In fact, this Club hosted its Region 2 Convention this past year, and several years ago this Club also hosted the AHS National Convention.

At the meeting I showed my 2012 introductions, and so now I want to show one of these flowers.  I call it LEMONY WHISKERS.  It is 27" tall, 4-way branching, 19 buds and a 5" flower.  It is a semi-evergreen, and the cross is as follows:  (Leslie Renee x Angels Gather Around).   I really like the "whiskers" on the edge of the petals; this makes the flower unusual.  I was asked if this is a common trait when the flower blooms.  The answer is "yes,"; it is a common characteristic of the flower.  I'm also including a second picture that shows the growing scape with its 4-way branching.  This is a lovely daylily, but I only have 20 plants remaining, and the cost is $125.00.

Thanks so much to the Southern Michigan Daylily Society for inviting us to come and speak.  We also thank Elaine Schultz for getting up so early on Saturday morning to drive us to the airport.  We particularly thank Nikki Schmith who encouraged the Club to extend their invitation to us to come and visit. 


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