Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Daylily Society of Louisville; TWENTY CARROT

Hello Daylily Friends,

Diana and I have just returned from a visit with our friends at the The Daylily Society of Louisville.  Actually, we returned home from the Region 5 Fall Fling on Sunday afternoon, and then early on Monday morning we drove to meet our good friend, Brenda Macy, at the Hampton Inn in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  Brenda lives in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and we rode together to later have dinner together at The Outback Steakhouse in Louisville.  I would add that Brenda now serves AHS as the representative from Region 10 on the Board of Directors.  I would likewise add that Brenda has also been selected to serve as our new Vice President of AHS.  Diana and I were very honored that Brenda asked us to come and visit her Club. Interestingly, the Club meets at The Republic Bank in Louisville.  Certainly a very prestigeous location for a daylily Club to have its meetings.  I'm showing two pictures.  One is in Tennessee just looking at the highway, and the changing leaf colors.  The other shows the turn we took in our car on our way to Louisville, Kentucky.

When we arrived at the Club meeting there were so many friends there that we knew.  There was Rich Rosen who used to live in Texas, and who served as the Awards & Honors Chairman for the AHS from Region 6.  Rich now lives Frankfort, Kentucky, perhaps seeking to escape the heat and drought that has lasted so long in Texas.  As the AHS Awards and Honors Chairman, Rich truly changed, reformed and improved the world of daylilies.  It was Rich who "created" the award for the 7" daylily.  Rich changed the rules having to do with fragrance, and considerably improved the criteria for awarding several additional daylily honors.  Thanks Rich for all you have done and are doing for the world of daylilies.

We also saw our friends Mort Morss and David Kirchhoff.  Mort and David took their time to come and see our presentation, and we are so pleased that they did.  Daylily friends are loyal.

We made several new friends including Debbie Monbeck.  Debbie had a brand new Canon camera that has 18 megapixels.  Big time camera!  I showed Debbie my small Canon Power Shot SD 1300 IS.  Debbie was surprised that I take all of my pictures using this small camera.  We then exchanged notes about the use of our cameras, and we both nodded to each other that we like Canon cameras.  I took Debbie's picture.
When I finished my program I asked the Club President, Bill Gidaniec, if I could take a picture of the Club: He agreed that I could, and I did.  It was somewhat of an effort to get my Canon camera properly set.  I had it set on "sunshine" in the program mode, but fortunately I noticed this, and changed it to the flourescent light setting.  You can see the name of the Bank behind the Club.  You can see David Kirchhoff who is seated in the third chair moving from left to right on the front row.  I am standing beside Mort.  You can see Rich whose head is just to the right of the letter "A" in Bank.  Debbie is seated in the far right chair on the front row.  Debbie also took a picture of her Club.  Again, I must say that it was just a welcome trip to see the Louisville Club.

I would like to also show another of my 2012 spring introductions.  It is TWENTY CARROT, and it was named by my beautiful wife, Diana Rae.  Most people own jewelry that is either 10 Carat, or 14 Carat, or perhaps 24 Carat.  However, nobody owns anything that I know of that is 20 Carat, and if they do, they do not use the word Carrot for Carat.  I really like the name!  TWENTY CARROT is 38" tall with 6-way branching and 34 buds.  The flower is 7" and it is dormant.  TWENTY CARROT should be a superb parent for gold daylilies because of its height, branching, bud count and 7" diameter.  It is only $100.00.

Hope to make another post soon showing Beautiful Lily Rae who is coming over to visit tomorrow.



  1. Dear Bill,

    Twenty carrot is very nice. What are it's parents, if you don't mind sharing that?
    I must admit, you've been very busy traveling around going to daylily clubs. It must be fun. I hope I get to do that in my retirement someday. I've got some time before I get there. Great writings.

  2. Hi Paul,

    So glad to have your note! I thought that perhaps fewer friends were visiting the Blog because there have been no notes.

    The parents to TWENTY CARROT are as follows: (Varsity Orange x Ram).

    I very much enjoy visiting the daylily Clubs. Over the past month I have visited Clubs in Detroit, Michigan, Huntsville, Alabama, Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia, and just returned from Louisville, Kentucky. I am really learning a lot about how the Clubs operate. It is truly an adventure of fun to see the Clubs in operation.


  3. Bill,
    What are the dimensions of your greenhouse? What are the advantages of planting your seeds in pots?
    Thanks in advance,
    David Bishop

  4. Hi David,

    My Greenhouse is 35 feet wide, and 48 feet long. From my experience I think that the ideal size for a Greenhouse is 35 x 60. The extra 12 feet in length assures that 1,000 seedlings can be planted each year, and there is plenty of additional room for established plants to be used for hybridizing.

    I like seeds planted in 3" peat pots, that are subsequently moved to one-gallon containers. If someone wants a plant that I do not intend to keep, I can simply pick up the pot and give it to whoever wants it. Very simple. Also, I can pick up a pot with a bad plant, and throw it away. Likewise, if the plant is a "dormant," I can move it to a new row where it can grow better without being overcome with foilage from surrounding plants.

    Hope this help. Thanks for the questions!