Thursday, October 27, 2011

Little Lily Rae Visits the Panorama Apple Orchard

Hello Daylily Friends,

This past Saturday morning was an exciting day.  Little Lily Rae came over with her Mom and Dad, and we all traveled north to visit the Panorama Apple Orchard.  Lily Rae wore her "Blue Jean Jacket," along with her matching "Blue Jean Trousers."  She also wore her pink "Tobagan," and matching pink socks.  I took a picture of Little Lily; isn't she just beautiful? When we arrived at Panorama there were pumpkins all across the front of the store.  People were everywhere, and the parking lot was packed.  Folks love to go to purchase apples in north Georgia during the month of October.  But we had to get Lily Rae into her stroller for her stroll through the crowd.

The first place that I stopped was at the "home-made candy counter."  There were wonderfully displayed "candy apples," and in particular, there were so many different brands of fudge.  I asked to sample several of the different types of fudge, and then I chose the chocolate pecan.  Oh it was so, so good!  The thing is that although Diana usually monitors whether I am eating the "sweet stuff," she expressed no opinion as I ordered the small piece that I purchased and ate.  You can see for yourself that the piece that I bought wasn't really that big.

Jeff and Kelley and Little Lily Rae shopped in the section where various "sauces" are sold.  There was Vidalia Onion hot sauce, there was hot Steak Sauce, and then there were Syrups and various treats like "Apple Butter."  Jeff couldn't resist the various offerings of multiple types of Steak Sauce.  So he purchased several bottles.  All the while Little Lily Rae was patient, she smiled at everyone, and was involved in the shopping with her mom and Dad.  Soon, it was time to go.  Jeff had to get back to see the Auburn football game.  It was around lunch time, and Kelley selected the perfect restaurant, Bigun's Barbeque.  We placed our orders, and after a short time the waitress arrived.  Wow!  The food that was served was just the best.  I had three ribs and plenty of pork, with cold slaw and potato salad.  As this Grandpa says, it was "yum, yum good!"

Saturday was a good day to spend with Little Lily Rae at the Panama Apple Orchard.

I also want to post about one of my new, 2012 Spring Introductions, which is KENNESAW SUNRISE.  It is a dormant, and the parents are as follows:  [(Petree Seedling x Pearl Harbor) x Moment in the Sun].  It is 32" tall, it has 4-way branching, 34 buds with a 6" flower.  It is an unusual color of Lemon/Yellow.  I gave it its name because it reminds me of the sun in the morning rising over Kennesaw Mountain.  It is pod and pollen fertile, and I have priced it at $50.00 per fan. 

More news soon from the Kennesaw Mountain Daylily Gardens.



  1. B,

    Looks like the family had a good time at the farmers market. I like Kennesaw Sunrise! I used to grow a Petree daylily,....I think it was called Atlanta Full House? Nice yellow. Yellows always catch my eye from distance. Nice price too. We got our first frost here in Ohio this morning. My wife dropped an ear ring down the drain this morning. I was able to get the elbow unscrewed and save the ear ring. Now the elbow leaks. Never let a landscaper do a plumbers job. Hope all is well.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Well at least you saved the ear ring. You are right about ATLANTA FULL HOUSE. Great daylily. I tried for a long time to set seeds on it, but I found out that it was not pod fertile. I called Ms. Petree, and she said it was difficult to pollenate, and that to use it the pollen had to be used. I actually bought one of Ms. Petree's seedlings which is in the parentage of KENNESAW SUNRISE. I priced KENNESAW SUNRISE at a low amount because I hope that people will grow it, and hopefully like seeing it in their gardens.

    Good to have your message. Hope you get the pipe fixed.