Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day Bloom!

Hello Daylily Friends,

My Seedling 1-300 bloomed this morning.  While it is not as beautiful as it was blooming outside this past summer, it is still very nice.  A wonderful bloom to see on a Christmas morning.  Its teeth are not a prevalent or noticeable as they were with the summer heat, but I'm delighted to see a bloom at this time of year.  Today it is really raining outside, but last year it was snowing on Christmas day.  Since I mention the bloom of 1-300 from this past summer, I thought that I would also show that bloom as well.

We're waiting for Kelley Rae, Little Lily Rae, and father Jeff to arrive for Christmas.  Diana has prepared a wonderful ham, and of course we can't wait to see Little Lily Rae.  Perhaps more news later today.



  1. Bill,

    Love seedling 1-300. What's it's cross?
    Hey, we had a green xmas here in Ohio this year. Loved it. We've had a mild December with very little snow. I wish I had your green house. I have no blooms right now except for an Amaryllis my mother gave us.
    Hope you guys had a nice holiday.

  2. Hi Paul,
    The cross is (Wild Hair x Fantastic Fringe). Here it was green as well, that is to say that it did not snow. Last year at Christmas it snowed. This year it rained. I really like the rain because it helps my daylilies grow, but we've had so much of it. I truly enjoy having the Greenhouse. It gives me so many options. The best option is making seeds early, and being able to then plant the seeds early. It is a big "assist" to see plants blooms in only one year. Now I'm looking forward to 2012. Just a few more days and it will arrive.

  3. Hi Bill!

    My Name is Misty Hyers. My husband Jeremy told me about your flowers. Your flowers are the most beautiful flowers I have seen!! I'm hoping he will take me for a visit. Hope you have a great day. :0)