Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas is Coming!

Hello Daylily Friends,

It is Christmas Eve, 2011, and I've had several wonderful days.  It all started Thursday evening when we were visited by Jeff, Karen and Frederick Pansing.  They drove from their home in Ohio, and were enroute to Homestead, Florida, for a family Christmas.  On their way they stopped by for a visit at about 9:30 p.m.  To our surprise, the Pansings brought a "Pink Sparkles" tree for us to plant in honor of our granddaughter, Little Lily Rae.  We have it planted!  Many thanks to the Pansings for this wonderful gift.  I would note that Diana and I tried our best to convince the Pansing family to stay with us, but they were determined to drive, at night, to get to homestead at a time when they would avoid the holiday traffic.  We even offered to have everyone stay in several empty bedrooms that we have, but to no avail.  Jeff stopped because he wanted to add several of my 2012 introductions to his daylily garden.  We talked for a while, and then we all went to the Greenhouse.  When dayliliy gardeners get together in the morning, in the afternoon, or later in the evening, time is not an issue.  We talked as much as we could until everyone knew that the Pansings had to get back in their vehicle, and proceed at an appropriate speed to Homestead, Florida.  It is good, at Christmas, to see a family so committed to daylilies that they will stop to buy more daylilies, regardless of the time when the daylilies are purchased.  Merry Christmas to the Pansings!

I now have to tell you about one of my conversions that I showed to the Pansings.  It is SEBASTIAN THE CRAB.  I saw it blooming in Diana's garden, and it was beautiful.  So, I took several of her cultivars, and made the effort this past fall to get it converted.  I'm so hopeful that I've accomplished this task.  One of the biggest of the four SEBASTIAN's that I have growing, is the one that I'm showing in my first picture.  I had to take a razor blade and cut the foilage to make sure that the "growing tip" properly emerged without any reason for rot.  The second picture shows the first root from this conversion.  When you see roots beginning to grow from your conversion work, you can be reasonably satisfied that you're on the way to having a true conversion.  I think that Jeff was pleased to see SEBASTIAN THE CRAB being well on its way to becoming a useful tetraploid.

Now that it is Christmas Eve, I specifically got up early and went to the Greenhouse because I wanted to see a bloom that I expected on Seedling 1-300.  Unfortunately, there was just a bigger bud, but no bloom.  Seedling 1-300 is two years from being introduced, but it is truly a wonderful daylily.  It is 37" tall with dependable, 4-way branching.  Several weeks ago I had to move 1-300 from a 2-gallon pot to a 3-gallon pot.  I am hopeful that the movement will not adversely effect the bloom that I now assume will come tomorrow, on Christmas day.  Tune back to this website tomorrow to see the bloom.

Diana Rae has not felt well today; indeed, she has what I think is a 48 hour virus.  I have this opinion because about a week ago I went through the same thing, and it lasted only about 48 hours.  Since Diana Rae basically has a cold, our daughter Kelley Rae, her husband Jeff, and our gorgeous granddaughter, Lily Rae, all declined our Christmas Eve dinner invitation.  This is the first time in 33 years when Kelley Rae has not been with us on Christmas Eve.  So, Diana Rae fixed supper, just for the two of use.  To my delight Diana Rae made her famous "Brunch Bread" that I like so much.  Then, the two of us sat down for supper.  However, Diana Rae declined to be in the picture because she said that she was not wearing her "make up."

Again I say, tune in tomorrow to see the Christmas bloom on Seedling 1-300!


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  1. Hello,
    have you ever seen the daylily "cutter teeth" from Karen and Frederick Pansing? and if so, what do you think of it?