Thursday, January 26, 2012

Please Mr. Spring, 2012, Come Soon!

Hello Daylily Friends,

I have been doing things that have kept me busy, and I've even attended the Mid Winter Symposium in Nashville, Tennessee.  I went to the MWS to see friends, and to listen, and hopefully learn.  I was particularly delighted that one of the speakers was Ms. Nikki Schmith.  Nikki works for Ford Motor Company, and is a genius in handling computer issues.  Nikki has a degree with high honors from Florida State University, and she has a Masters Degree from The University of Michigan.  Nikki's first topic was "world class instruction" on how to enter and use the AHS Members Portal.  I now know how to enter the portal, write on the portal, and post pictures on the portal.  Nikki's second topic was how to make a movie.  I haven't made a movie yet, but thanks to Nikki I have the knowledge as to how to get it done.  Thanks Nikki for your tremendous help.

When we arrived back home from the MWS I immediately went to my Greenhouse to look at my plants.  All is good.  I can't wait for summer, and so a few weeks ago I turned up the heat in the Greenhouse.  I want blooms soon, and I want to get to work, making seeds.  Indeed, I see a scape emerging on RED SAPPHIRE, and there are also scapes on RED TOP MOUNTAIN and on Seedling 9-105.  The scape on RED TOP MOUNTAIN had 5-way branching, but the scape "cracked," and so I had to use "duct tape" to repair the problem.  The scape on 9-105 is quite nice.  Strangely, it is not as tall in the Greenhouse as it was when it bloomed outside this past summer.  Still, I know the outside measurements, so I intend to use it to make seeds.  I have hoping to be making seeds in March.

All of the work getting ready for summer, however, is not confined to the Greenhouse.  The outside beds became "messy" from deterioration after this past summer, and all had to be cleaned.  The weeds all had to be pulled, pine straw was applied over the beds, and wood chips were spead in the walking rows.  I've been looking at the outside plants, and the new seedling blooms this summer should be wonderful.  I can't wait.  Apparently Little Lily Rae can't wait either.  She is looking through the window, and she's anxious to see her very first summer.


  1. Bill, I just love your blog! I check every couple of days....just to see if there is something new. Your photos are great's a real look into all you are doing there.
    After talking with you at MWS, I checked my Irish Halo crosses...planted last year...should bloom here in the spring. I did one cross Royal Renaissance x Irish Halo and 2 crosses involving my own seedlings with Irish Halo...they are all looking really good...I am eager to see what they produce.

    Will you please ask Diana if it was her whom I promised a dwarf iris named 'Aurora Sea'? I remember talking with someone and making that promise...but, just can't remember who it was!
    Linda Hassler
    Crossville, TN

  2. Hi Linda,

    Yes, it was Diana who you talked to about the dwarf iris named "Aurora Sea."

    Glad to hear about your "choice seeds" that will bloom from using IRISH HALO. Let me know if you have success. We are so much looking forward to this Spring! I can hardly wait.

    Thanks much for your message.