Friday, January 27, 2012

Indoor Fogger.

Hello Daylily Friends,

I have had "ant bites" on my legs over the past 8 to 10 days, and the bites really itch.  I scratch through my blue jeans, but they still itch.  I've even had a spot or two of bleeding from too mutch scratching.  I decided that the ant bites must be coming from inside the Greenhouse, so I decided to take the advice of my good friend, David Arthur.  David has said to me on multiple occasions, that I need to use "indoor foggers" inside the Greenhouse.  I took David's advice and bought "Real Kill" from the Home Depot.  It says on the can that it will kill ants, and so I sprayed it two days ago.  I've not had any new ant bites since.

I've also been holding back on watering in the Greenhouse.  It has been so cloudy, and there has been so much rain.  I just didn't think that the plants were using much water.  Then, this afternoon, the plants looked dry.  So, I turned on the water.  I was moving several of my plants that I am trying to convert because I don't want them to get wet.  I put them on shelves just outside the Greenhouse.  The first plant that I want to show you is TET. EVELYN GATES.  My friend Larry Grace had previously converted Evelyn Gates, and I've used it several times, but I've had little success in creating a new flower.  It bloomed again outside this past summer, and it was so beautiful that I decided to treat it for a second time.  I'm pretty sure that it is well on its way to becoming an even more useful conversion.

The other plant that I noticed was SEBASTIAN THE CRAB.  This particular plant is looking good.  I have kept cutting into the thick foilage so that the growing tip can contiue to emerge.  If the thick foilage is not cut, then most likely, rot will develop, and the plant will eventually die.  It pains me to cut a treated plant, but it pains me even more when I lose a plant.  We need only recall that SEBASTIAN THE CRAB still has a present value, as a diploid, of $50.00.  Losing a plant hurts.  Anyway, you can see that this particular plant is well on its way to becoming a tetraploid.

I'm planning on putting in a new, small Greenhouse next week to use in making conversions.  It will be the "E-Z Grow" from Atlas Greenhouse in Alapaha, Georgia.  The size that I have ordered is 10 x 16.  My good friend Jeff Wade at Atlas is helping me.  The Nugent Brothers will install the Greenhouse, and I hope that it will all be completed before the end of next week.  I'm showing a picture of the E-Z Grow.

More news soon.



  1. Bill,

    My wife Kyle works for a dermatologist and whenever you itch in one place too much you'll need to put some cream on that area to help it heal. Go to your local drugstore and buy some Cortisone cream. They sell it over the counter, no need for a perscription. That will help heal that area and keep you from itching it. Being a landscaper, I tend to get all sorts of bug bites. Seems like I get stung by yellow jackets at least once a year. (usually going near a ground nest.) Cortisone is a life saver for bug bites.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the insight on the Cortisone Cream. I have again treated the Greenhouse, but this time I used "Hot Shot." It has a different chemical mixture than the "Real Kill." Any bugs in my Greenhouse, including ants, will regret biting me. I intend for their lives to be over.

    I think that Yellow Jacket bits are the worse. They really, really hurt!

    Got the new Greenhouse installed today. Will post about it soon.

    Thanks for your note.