Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our New "E-Z Grow" Greenhouse.

Hello Daylily Friends,

Well I have been treating diploid daylilies with Colchicine in our basement, and then moving the plants from the basement to the big Greenhouse.  Of course I have to water several times a week in the big Greenhouse, and each time I have to remove the treated diploids so that they will not get wet.  It is quite a task to keep doing this, and it actually prevents me from doing all that I can to convert more diploids to tetraploids.  So, I decided to remove my old, fiberglass greenhouse, and replace it with Atlas' "E-Z Grow" Greenhouse.  You can see that the Ground had to be leveled, and that the Greenhouse was erected on 4 x 4 treated wooden boards. The most interesting aspect of the construction, to me, was the corner posts.  Very deep holes were dug in each of the four corners of the Greenhouse.  Very long poles were then driven into the holes, using a sledge hammer, and concrete was used to fill the holes.  The corner poles were then bolted together.  Believe me, this new E-Z Grow is not going anywhere, no matter how hard the wind might blow.

The next "big event" in the erection process was for the men to apply the plastic.  On the front and back of the new Greenhouse the plastic is "clear," just like I have on my big Greenhouse.  However, over the top and sides of the new Greenhouse the plastic is a "white."  The white plastic has about a 30% protective element from the heat of the sun.  This should help to keep the Greenhouse cooler in the summer, and should remove any need to have a shade cover.  I had at first intended to install "manual covers" on each side of the Greenhouse, but I realized that I would always have to be present to open and close these covers, especially when the temperatures were hotter in the middle of the summer. So, I changed my mind.  My good friend Jeff Wade at Atlas allowed me to return the manual cover parts, and instead purchase a fan that will operate from a temperature controlled thermostat.  When the new Greenhouse becomes too warm, the fan will then begin to opeate, and keep the Greenhouse cool.  I would note that Jeff called me before the men arrived to install the Greenhouse, and at the end of the day he called to ask if I liked the result.  I should point out that when the Greenhouse was installed, Jeff was off duty that day, but he still made the calls.  I must also quickly say that I like my new Greenhouse, and that Jeff and Atlas are a great team.  In my humble opinion there is not a better company for the installation of a Greenhouse in Georgia than Atlas Manufacturing.

After the Greenhouse was installed I had to have a picture of myself made with the three men who did the installation.  You previously met Roger Nugent who worked with his brother Owen to put the new plastic on my big Greenhouse.  You can look back to my post on September 9, 2010, to see what they did.  Owen did not come to work on installing the E-Z Grow because he has gone back into the wood finishing business.  The two men who helped Roger were Jeremy and Sam Hyers.  They are also brothers.  Atlas Manufacturing is obviously a good place to work, and to see brothers working together is a good thing.  After the installation was finished Little Lily Rae came back out to the Greenhouse to see the "final product."  I am pleased to report that Lily Rae approves!

Meanwhile, back in my big Greenhouse, I have still had a few problems with a few pests.  So, I went to the Home Depot and purchased a new "fogger" product.  I chose "Hot Shot."  It has a different set of chemicals than "Real Kill" which I used about 7 or 8 days ago.  To use the product I had to turn off the heater, and I had to disconnect the fans.  I then put the containers of the product on several benches, and opened each of them.  I did this quickly so that I could get out of the Greenhouse as soon as I could.  I left the Greenhouse closed for about four hours, then I returned and discarded the containers.  I turned the heat back on, and plugged in the fans again.  The Hot Shot is supposed to kill Gnats, Fire Ants, Flea Eggs, and a host of other pests.  I will let you know how things turn out when I again post.

Well that is about the news for today from the Kennesaw Mountain Daylily Gardens.


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