Saturday, February 11, 2012

Atlas Greenhouse: The Very Best in "Customer Service"!

Hello Daylily Friends,

My new E-Z Grow Greenhouse is totally complete.  The one thing that remained to be done was to install a fan and a thermostat.  The box containing these items came on Tuesday, and on Wednesday morning I got up with a "purpose" of getting the installation complete.  Normally I would have asked my good friend Tommy Bell for help, because Tommy is a "real electrician."  However, Tommy and his wife are on vacation in Florida, and I couldn't wait  for Tommy to return to get the fan/thermostat installed.  I did have an "ace in the hole: Jeff Wade."  Jeff has been my personal friend at Atlas Greenhouse, and he led me through the installation process.  Jeff wrote instructions for me, he told me the equipment and supplies that I needed to purchase, and he answered at least eight telephone calls from me asking for "more direction and assistance."  Finally, the installation of the fan/thermostat was complete, and everything worked perfectly.  I then moved my "conversions" into the E-Z Grow, and now I wait to see how they progress.  Thanks Jeff, and thanks also to Atlas.

My beautiful wife, Diana Rae, purchased a Camellia several years ago from the American Camellia Society. In 2007 our Georgia Region 5 winter meeting took place at the Camellia Society's "headquarters" located at Massee Lane Gardens in Fort Valley, Georgia.  Diana specifically selected and purchased a beautiful white Camellia named "Emmett Barnes" which has grown very erect and strong.  So, I took a picture of Emmett Barnes, and also took a picture of the bush with Ms. Diana nealing close by.  Camellias are beautiful.

Ms. Lily Rae has had an interesting week.  She was here at the house this past Monday, and Diana took her out for a walk.  Lily Rae saw the daffodils blooming, and she picked one.  I'm showing her studying the flower.  This was Lily Rae's first encounter with a daffodil, and from this beginning experience I'm sure that she is on her way to becoming a wonderful Gardener.  As much as Lily Rae liked the daffodil, she also truly enjoyed her "new car."  Her Grandmother Mary Whitfield purchased Lily Rae a sports car, and you can see, Lily Rae is driving it all around her house.  Now that Mary has made this purchase, Diana and I are now comitted to finding Lily Rae a new Cadillac!  Little Lily Rae is so much fun.


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