Saturday, March 24, 2012

Seedlings 11-201 and 2-400 have bloomed.

Good Morning Daylily Friends,

Today my new Seedling 11-201, bloomed in the Greenhouse.  I hope that you will agree that it is beautiful.  It is unique because for me it has the "greenest edge" that I have yet produced on a daylily.  The cross is as follows: (Irish Halo x Fringy).  As most daylily gardeners would agree, IRISH HALO has a green edge.  Then I used pollen from Stamile's FRINGY.  There was enough green in the throat of FRINGY, combined with the green on IRISH HALO, to produce 11-201.  I am particularly looking forward to seeing 11-201 bloom outside.  I'm showing a picture of its outside foilage that I also took this morning.  This spring I will know the final measurements on 11-201.  I would note that 11-201 appears to hold its green edge on its petals all throughout the day.  This is a big plus, and quite an improvement in producing green edges.

Good news.  I've just received confirmation from our Registrar Kevin Walek, that the name IRISH CROWN has been reserved.  It is my intention to name Seedling 11-201, IRISH CROWN.

I've also now seen two blooms on one of my seedlings from 2001 from when I used Tet. Texas Kaleidoscope.  The plant is now Seedling 2-400, and the cross is as follows:  [11-234 (Tet. Lavender Blue Baby x Tet. Crystal Blue Persuasion) x Blue Beat] x Tet. Texas Kaleidoscope.  There are three conversion that I used in producing Seedling 2-400, and the darker colors obvously dominated the cross.  I would note that Stamile also used both Tet. Lavender Blue Baby and Tet. Crystal Blue Persuasion which are both in the background of his BLUE BEAT.  Notwithstanding the impact of blue eyed conversions, the impact of Tet. Texas Kaleidoscope is clearly seen.  The flower is tall, and I have nine others from the same cross that are yet to bloom.  Will let you know if something better appears.

Got to get back out to the Greenhouse to make seeds.



  1. Bill,

    Love seedling 11-201. I'm a sucker for green edges and can't wait to use Irish Halo this year. You're lucky to be able to use such great breeding material like Tet. Texas Kaleidiscope. I know most of the Florida boys are saying it's throwing some pretty cool stuff. I don't have Tet. Texas Kaleidiscope, so I'll have to wait until it shows up on the market in the future. Would love to see more pics of flowers from your greenhouse, even though I'm sure you're busy hybridizing. It's nice to see your early bloom. Back here the Magnolia trees and Cherry trees are in bloom, which is unusual for Ohio at this time of year. I think we are a month ahead of schedule. We had three days in the 80's last week. Usually we are in the 40's in March if we are lucky. Love the blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Bill,
    That Irish Halo seedling is pretty nice. You need to put some Kermit on it:)

  3. Wow, wow wow! That green edge is amazing. It reminds me of one of those grass stains you just KNOW will never come out no matter how matter times you wash it! It also reminds me of my favorite beverage... lime kool-aid lol.

    Susan Okrasinski

  4. Hello Paul, Charles and Susan,

    Thanks for your encouraging messages about 11-201. It is so encouraging to see it bloom in the Greenhouse, and I can hardly wait until it blooms with certainty outside this coming summer. It is pod and pollen fertile, and I am hoping that it passes its green edge to its offspring. I must also say that the bud is so, so green.

    Charles I do plan to use it with KERMIT. Indeed, I may have already made a few seeds this past summer.

    Susan I like your comment about the "grass stains." I have a name in mind for the flower and this evening I'm sending a message to Kevin to reserve the name. Will let you know my thought after I have the assurance of the name reservation.

    Thanks Paul, Charles and Susan for your messages!


  5. Bill, seedling 11-201 is outstanding and will be looking forward to more pictures of it later. I'm glad to see the "real" green edges starting to get larger instead of just a small picotee. Keep up the good work!