Friday, April 27, 2012

Chris, Alison and Nicole Come to Visit.

Hello Daylily Friends,

I regret that I haven't posted since Little Lily Rae was baptized two weeks ago, but I have a wonderful explanation:  My computer has been on the blink.  I somehow contacted a virus, and this caused my computer to malfunction.  I finally got this fixed, and so today I'm back to posting again. 

This was a wonderful day.  My good friend, Ms. Chris Batley from Wilmington, North Carolina, came by the garden to visit, and we were glad to see Chris.  Last year when Chris visited Diana was away, but today Diana was home, and we walked the garden for hours and hours.  I'm also pleased to say that Chris' daughter, Ms Alison Batley, was with her, and Alison's friend, Ms. Nicole Soileau, also came to see the garden.  Chris especially wanted to see the Greenhouse, and today there was a big surprise.  I have been trying to convert SUNGLASSES NEEDED, and today it bloomed, and the pollen was all Tet. pollen.  The flower was as big as a dinner plate with tremendous substance.  In fact, Chris stood behind TET. SUNGLASSES NEEDED while Alison took a picture of the palms of Chris' hands surrounding the flower.  Later, we all had our pictures taken together on the bridge in the main garden.  What a wonderful adventure.   I was amazed to learn that Alison and Nicole are both Teachers, and that both have degrees in Theology.  It is indeed a delight to meet two young women who have such tremendous educations, and who are committed to teaching our children.  Thanks to Alison and Nicole.

I have to tell you about a new green edged flower that just bloomed.  It is Seedling 2-417, and the cross is as follows: (11-162 {Irish Halo x Fringy} x 11-58 {Irish Halo x Fringy}).  I know that last spring I obviously used these to parents, but I just do not recall their appearance.  However, I do like the green edge on 2-417.  In fact, I like this green edge so much that I have been using pollen from 2-417 on practically all of my green edged flowers.

I have to also say that I had to burn the debris from the garden that has been gathering over the last several months.  The laws here where we live prohibit fires beginning on the day of May 1.  So, I had to get this done.  I must also say that, for the first time, a spark from the fire started another fire close to one of my large trees.  At first I tried to stomp the second fire out by using my feet, but this did not work.  I eventually had to spray the second fire with water.  Thankfully, I burned everything before May 1.  While I was  burning the debris I saw a black snake.  He was just like the snake that I killed last spring in the Greenhouse.  This time I just let the snake go.  He will only do good in the garden: kill mice and other snakes, even poisonous snakes.

Our day came to a wonderful conclusion with our good friends, Camilla and David Arthur, who invited us over for supper.  Camilla prepared a "Pot Roast," and it was just a perfect way to celebrate our friendship.  Camilla knows how to cook!  While Camilla finished making final supper preparations, Diana and I had the opportunity to walk with David around his garden.  There was so much to see.  David has been busy making his garden ready for this spring and summer.  After supper we all played bridge, and I'm pleased to report that David and I completely baffled Diana and Camilla.  They never won a game, whereas David and I won two games, plus the rubber.  Thanks again Camilla for that grand Pot Roast supper.

More news soon.


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  1. Glad you got that computer fixed....looked like a lovely day....Wow to your conv SUNGLASSES NEEDED.....How big is that bloom??