Sunday, April 15, 2012

Little Lily Rae's Baptism.

Hello Daylily Friends,

I knew that this morning was going to be a special day.  It would be the day that Little Lily Rae would be baptized in our Church.  So last night I shined my shoes, I ironed my white shirt, picked out the tie that I would wear, and got everything ready.  Then, this morning I went to the Greenhouse at about a quarter to seven, and cleaned the flowers.  I noticed two that I liked, but they would have to wait.  I went back to the house and got ready for Church.  We sat on the reserved row up front, and it was great to have members of Jeff's family come and be with us.  There was John and Mary, Lily Rae's other grandparents, then there was Stephanie and Todd, and their two children, Cameron and Jack.  Little Lily Rae was so well behaved.  Our wonderful Pastor Matthews carried Little Lily Rae up and down the center aisle so that everyone could see her.  Then, after Church, we took Little Lily Rae to Sunday School to personally see everyone.  Afterwards, we all went to the Marietta Conference Center for Brunch.  Just a great celebration.

After we came home, at about 1:30 p.m., I went to the Greenhouse to see the two flowers that I had seen earlier in the morning.  Both flowers were from the same cross:  (9-26 {Irish Halo x Best Edge} x Irish Halo).  The green edges were good.  I continue to look for improvement.  I decided that Seedling 2-420 was particularly nice because it had such a beautiful green throat.  I crossed it with KENNESAW MOUNTAIN HAYRIDE.  The HAYRIDE has a wonderful green throat, but I've never found anything to cross it with that approximated 2-420.  I even kept pollen so that I can make several more crosses over the next several days.  I crossed 2-419 with Seedling 11-201.  [See Blog dated March 24, 2012).  In fact, I went ahead and cross pollinated all of the other flowers in the Greenhouse, and I didn't finish until about 3:30 p.m.

Tomorrow morning should be fun.  I am expecting a bloom of a cross between 11-201 [See Blog dated March 24, 2012] and 1-414 [See Blog dated March 10, 2012].  Whether the new flower is good or bad, I will let you know what I see. 

Thanks Lily Rae for making today such a special day!



  1. Love this post! How did your bloom turn out? Was it good or bad?

  2. Oh Hi Kelley Rae. Thanks for your comment and for your question about the bloom. When I make my next post I will show the bloom, and then tell what happened.